TELUS signs five-year partnership with “We Day,” will give $25 for every Samsung Galaxy SIII or Ace Q sold


  • R.Dot

    $25 per device is actually a pretty decent amount. Good for you Telus.

    • Sean

      Agreed it’ not one of those “We will give $1 for each sold” $25 is actually a lot more then I usually see

    • EvanKr

      My school sent me as a rep to the Winnipeg “We Day” last year, they did quite a bit of things like this.

  • Blackberry Gangster

    Hopefully they do this with BB10? first…

    • Blackberry Gangster

      dang. not even first.

  • Reterp

    just saying as a cellular retail sales person $25 is less than what they get themselves, props tellus doing a good thing but pissing off your employees at the same time

  • George R

    Way to go Telus. It will be the SGS3 for me.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I’d like to see more of these kind of contributions back to the communities that pay them.

  • kroms

    Apple should start doing this.
    Then again , A GREEDY company like APPLE would never allow this sort of Deal.

  • Cell Hell

    This is purely for appearance and is a drop in the bucket for Telus who outsource much of their customer support to the Phillipines.

    If they truly cared about Canada and giving back instead of just profit, their prices would be better, their jobs would stay in Canada and their profits would be less.

    Don’t be fooled by ‘drop in the bucket’ charity work for which equals out to cheap advertising for Telus.

    • caribouroader

      More than what ANY other carrier does…don’t be naive or bitter.

    • GrapeApe

      Wow, Caribou is right, you just come off as a bitter tool!

      Those drops in the bucket like this lead it to become the most charitable company in the world in 2010, not just Canada. So it’s a little more than just PR; and still something more companies could be doing but aren’t. You’re trying to tie it to outsourcing is ignorant, since the marketplace drives those activities everywhere in every market.

      It’s amazing that you’re so bitter you need to complain about something positive like supporting a charity. Do you also kick puppies and berate from homeless people on the way home from work to make you feel better about yourself?

  • LOL

    Regardless of what Telus’ intentions are, help is help. I’ll take a bit of advertising if it means that a meaningful organization is benefited from this.

  • S2556

    Telus. The lesser of the three evils

  • Konarkanuck

    Two things about this idea concerns me. 1. We know the companies who make phones have been known to produce bonuses to telecommunications companies to boost product sales and 2. (and this my bigger concern) how many people might be talked into the wrong phone for their actual needs by hitting the customer with the moral shot of “and just think if you buy this phone you will be helping to give back and protect children”

    • caribouroader

      Grow up man…..upsell is the name of the game for any industry which sells product…at least a little bit is going to help others.

    • GrapeApe

      LOL! Your fears seem unwarranted when they are offering 2 options: The most feature rich phone on the market now, and one of the cheapest but still feature rich phones (surprising they can get $25 from that low end one). This is going to be no less confusing than if you confront people with “The WiFis and the GBs” as the cartoon goes.

  • Mike

    Let’s take away 1000 jobs that feed 1000 families out of this country, but give $750,000 to a charity and make ourselves look good.