Angry Birds Space: Red Planet update announced for this fall, but have we had enough of the franchise?


  • whocares

    AB is so boring, not sure why its so popular.

    • AK

      I think the answer to that is because many people disagree with you… Thus the high sales… Just saying..

    • Angry Birds licks

      Sales are fuelled mostly by the iSheep.

  • rulerxy

    I was growing tired of the series but I like what they did with space. In no way am I an angry birds fan but I’ve spent a few hours playing. My daughter loves it

  • gusto5

    I thought we all moved onto Amazing Alex already?

  • Ron Mexico

    Angry what?

  • ruddias

    Yes, yes we have.

  • HO

    Tired of the only good game playable on any touch screen?, really??, u meant to say that the only game where I don’t have to watch my fingers over 40% of the screen is boring???…sorry but I don’t know of any other game that has a better solution to the controls issue on a touch issue.

  • Mark

    Angry Birds is like the iPhone; great at first but kept releasing more of the same thing with slight upgrades until it became redundant…

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Amazing game that continues to get better! And similar to the iPhone, every version they release gets even more magical, and more people fall in love with it. Great stuff, Rovio. Keep it up


  • Kakarot

    Well, there last game was downloaded over 100 million times…. Which is probably a success 😉
    So obviously, not all people have. Personally, I haven’t played one since the original

  • Antonio Banderas

    Yes this game is so boring and I never realized how many versions of Angry Birds there are maybe they should start developing something better and new then another version of Angry Birds

  • JC Denton

    Angry Derps is more played out than Pokemon. You know they’re gonna start running out of ideas when they make a “zombie” edition or add an ultra-violence mode.

    • HO

      AB Zombies sounds interesting…Halloween maybe?

  • Takesh

    Angry Birds made the iDevices so popular.. if it was first developed for BB, now BB would be at the top :/ just sayin

  • jackyoung

    It used to be fun but now my mom doesn’t even play it anymore.