Retailers clearing stock of HP TouchPad, prices fall to $100 for 16GB and $150 for 32GB


  • ih8staples

    how about hacking into android os.has any body try this.

    • A. Carmine

      Even at that price… I can honestly say I still don’t want one. That’s $99 that can go towards iPad 3.

    • Sined

      Getting Android on the TouchPad will be probable but will probably take a while andwill probably really buggy.

      For one the APQ8060 Chipset is not found on ANY Android phones, therefor the drivers will be a huge pain. (Although it is a modified version of the chipset in the Sensation without a cellular radio)

      Not to mention the Touchscreen drivers.

      Also it will probably not get Android Honeycomb 3.x (since source code was never released) which wouldn’t be a very good Tablet experience

  • daveloft

    A tempting deal as it is but if the hacking community can get Android running on the HP Touchpad, it just may be the deal of the year.

  • Brian

    Wow, great prices. I might actually pick one up haha.

    Would be great if somebody could hack android onto this.

  • Andy

    that is a very tempting price!

  • Ryan

    If I didn’t have a PlayBook I probably would do this. There’s a little part of me that still wants to…

    • Thed

      Don’t do it man!

  • WirelessCluelessGuru

    Definetly something to consider when the prices go that low 🙂
    Wow, this thing is dual core as well as having Qualcomm Adreno 220 core graphics, very nice. Though this might just be the deal of the year if hackers can get Android or even iOS running on this powerful device.

    • Rich Travis

      WebOS is superior to Android or IOS at a basic level. HP is doing this as some sort of scam cooked up by Jon Rubinstein, the guy who killed Palm then took a job at HP to head up their PC and Phone division.

  • Pigs Like Cheese

    Great price. Cheap eReader option. I wonder if XDA will keep this thing alive?

    • Alex Perrier

      Almost yes. Imagine Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich on that beast!

  • Bob

    At that price, I’m buying one!

  • lengend

    does this thing support flash and html5 very well?

  • Lucas

    jeez, after seeing the galaxy tab i regretted buying an iPad 🙁 . and now THIS! i could have saved $700! i spent like $850 for my 3G 32GB iPad :((( fml.

  • Jim

    Every time I have tried one, it has been disappointing. I love the OS, but just to laggy. I will put money on something that will still be supported 6 mths done the road.

  • Alex Perrier

    One for me, one for my mom. 😀

  • jellmoo

    Just ordered one online from Future Shop. For $100, you really can’t go wrong. Official support is out the window, but it was honestly never that strong to begin with. Homebrew is where it is at in regards to WebOS.

    • yadeed

      I got mine too at Future Shop Montreal.

  • Thed

    This is a dirty shame. Shame on you HP. These things are worthless. But then again, isn’t anything that isn’t an iPad?

    • Thed

      Oh thumbs down yourself, it’s true.

    • Jerrik

      @Thed: Anything Apple is a piece of s**t. I’ll stick with my Samsung Galaxy S2 thanks.

  • RyanLaker

    I just bought one for $150 at BestBuy =)

    I saw this posted on Facebook as I was leaving work. I figure it’s worth it for $150. My god did they try hard to get me to buy the warranty though. There was two people trying their best to get me to get the warranty too.

    • Thed

      You should have bought the warranty because when you’re done beating yourself over the head with it you’re gonna need to get repairs to beat yourself over the head with it again.

    • Alex Perrier

      Correct me if i’m wrong, but warranties do not cover accidental damages, let alone intentionally hitting a person with the tablet.

      i’ve tried email using Opera Mail, Evolution, Thunderbird 2.x, Android Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, iPad, and the list goes on. But the HP TouchPad’s email client has the best interface and ease of use so far. So i’ll be using that tablet as my main way to check email.

  • Brayden

    Got mine from Futureshop. 100 🙂

  • Android group 101

    We have Android 3.0 flashed and running but not everything is working yet. Info to follow

  • Sub-Joker

    got the 32Gb for myself….. too bad the 16 is already sold out online.
    for 150…. what can go wrong?

  • M C

    I just got back from stores in Mississauga. Bestbuy, Futureshop and The Source stores at Heartland all sold out. Staples have 32GB only and there were at least 10 people plus myself lining up to get one (and I have the picture to proof it. ^_^

    • Brian

      Shit really? Was really hoping this would last for at least another week until I pick up my Tab 10.1 Those are all the stores in my area too.

      Damn 🙁

  • kenypowa

    MC you must be in the same queue as I was. Grabbed one of the last ones at Staples. Its all sold out elsewhere. Man what a great deal.

  • CmdrKeen01

    just picked up the 32GB one from FS, unfortunatly they ran out of the 16s

  • Alex

    My local best buy in Windsor had some, so I ordered three from from their website 😛

  • Mitchell

    Anyone know of any store with them in stock in Oakville?

  • Jeremy

    Sold out!!!! F*$((*#$(*

  • mehrun

    just got one from Staples! they gave me the 32 GB for 114.99 !!! They guy offered me the warranty for 70 first, I negotiated and he gave it to me for 20 bucks! The best deall everr!!!

    • Jason

      can you post a copy of your receipt saying you got the warrant for $20 please? My store won’t give it to me without proof it was done elsewhere

    • Alex Perrier

      Staples is $20 for one additional year.

    • Dan Maskell

      Staples in Vernon BC was selling the warranties for $9.95. I still declined. They were really pushing the accessories too.

  • Eldon

    Anyone see any left anywhere online?

    i don’t have any stores close by.

    • Sub-Joker

      go to best buy…. they still have the 32 Gb model available (not out of stock yet)

  • pedalpete

    I ordered one online, but with them selling out in stores, I wonder if the online Future Shop orders will be fulfilled.

  • Sandman2759

    Same here. The wife ordered one online from Bestbuy and it said it went through.

  • Howard

    Just checked out 2 Future Shops and a Best Buy in Calgary, no stock. Waste of time, employees are buying the stock and listing it on Kijiji. Call ahead if you don’t want to waste your time like I did.

  • choy

    New tomorrow:

    HP gets back into the tablet business.

    Heheheh, I mean now they have a huge user base!

    • Mobilicity FTW

      lol 😀

    • aka

      selling 260-300k of the remaining stocks won’t be a large enough user base for further app support, unless some company is willing to buy the software IP and develop it further. I was thinking RIM due to similarity with their multitasking, but they already have QNX.

  • michael

    My in store online reservation at the Futureshop was just cancelled..

  • Mobilicity FTW

    So, this is a sale or a price drop?

  • Sandman2759

    Costco in Calgary has tonnes… for $499! Hahaha

  • Sandman2759

    I wonder if costco would price match?

  • Dave R.

    I have issues. Just bought a 32 gig from Best Buy. I have an iPad and a Galaxy Tab. What the hell am I going to do with a touchpad.Guess I can use it for a couple weeks and add it to the box with my Toshiba Pocket PC and my Palm T/X.

  • Munir

    just got one from futureshop. can i put Android into this thing? help pls….

  • Ep

    Bad reporting, sale started this morning and everything is sold out everywhere

  • Tom1000

    Sold out in Calgary AB. Staples, Londondrugs, BestBuy, Futureshop, TheSource – all gone. Missed the deal of the century!

  • rookie

    bought one online from bestbuy ..

  • stephan

    Can anyone find one in Edmonton?

  • rg

    just got mine last one in future shop
    webOS doesnt seem that bad so far, the lack of 3rd party support will suck in the futre but for 99bucks who cares

  • TeknoBug

    A month from now, Craigslist is going to be flooded with these from those who bought them tonight.

  • aviking

    Winnipeg was sold out at Futureshop and Best Buy at 8:00pm.

    Too bad I missed out on a great deal.

    • EvanK

      Same problem here, it’s in stock but it always changes to $499 + $60 tax when I try to order it. Will they refund me the $350?

  • mark

    damn! i wish i had known this sooner, wanted an touchpad, was just starting to save for one now ill never get one since HP just canned them…..

  • JohnN

    lol crashed near midnight and now they’re all sold out. The prices were not adjusted but i guess people can just price match it.

  • john

    Sold out all around toronto area,and checked staples inventory all sold out.Tried to buy one tonight couldn’t even get one and called 10 stores all sold out.

  • rog

    looking for one in saskatoon……………

  • Kelly Spongberg

    Got the last one at Staples in south Calgary 8:45pm. Giving it to my dad so he can couch surf, lol.

  • aka

    the people who’s selling them on craiglist right now must be pissed, even if they sell it half original price..

  • Jivionana

    would anyone think they would have any instock tomorrow? at the source or staples? fml best deal wasted

  • KettleCorn

    I ordered from Best Buy online for pickup to avoid any potential shipping damage, and I got the order received but not the pickup notification email yet. If my purchase didn’t actually work I will be rather upset.

  • BBFan

    Let us know about this, highly interested in android on this device. Thanks! 🙂

  • ActivesiN

    i got mine for $150 in Vancouver, at this price honestly you cant lose even if there is no official support
    should of saw my friends face who has an ipad 2 when I told him how much I paid for mine lolol

  • Gill

    Does anybody know if they are still available at stores in toronto. ? And how accurate is the in-store availability on the websites of best buy,futureshop etc. ?

  • Craig

    So I’m guessing there won’t be ANY in stock today? (live near heartland town centre)

  • Aaron

    The OS is still supported, and will continue to be supported. The hardware will not be. A new hardware partner is in the works.

  • Jeff Goebel

    SOLD OUT everywhere I looked in Ontario this morning. Weep. It would have been a fun toy.

  • Alex

    Same in Montreal and probably in Quebec.

  • chall2k5

    i wanted one 🙁

  • marion

    last night there was still some stock at The source in Toronto and the gta

  • ElNad

    I think everything is sold out in Quebec city too. Was at Staples this morning before the doors open and the manager came to tell me everything was sold out yesterday night in all the Staples of the city. Good thing they said that the promo was starting saturday 20th.

    Futureshop seems to be sold out too. Not very lucky. Would have been a good toy to play around with.

  • JKL

    i missed out on the chance 🙁

  • Mike

    This should be a lesson for all tablet makers. Make the hardware cheap and you will sell like hotcakes.

  • SSC2NV

    Damn, lined up at both Staples and Costco.. Was #7 at Staples with 5 left, and #6 at Costco with 5 left 🙁

    Anyone know of anywhere online to order?

  • DJM

    Just called his morning, sold out everywhere in Montreal and beyond. Like EINAD said, good thing the sale started today…


    Oh well…

  • FrankP

    @Mike: The frenzy is the discount. There are a lot of cheap android tablets out there. If they started at 400 and dropped to $100, I think you’d have the same rush with a “who cares how good it is, it’s only $100” attitude.

  • Raz

    So it appears to be out of stock everywhere lol

  • Lauri B

    Conspiracy theory: HP wanted to sell TP at $99/$149 all along, but they couldn’t because they could be sued for underselling competitors. So they “invented” this entire discontinuation announcement, then “fire-sold” them at $99/$149. Now creating a sell-out effect and everyone wants one. 🙂

  • KingK

    F**k, sold out everywhere. 🙁

  • Patrick

    From MTL here too, I tried a few places, all gone. Apprently there were people lined up.


    Personally I’m happy to get one at 99$, but for some reason even 149$ is “too much”. God i’m so fickle…

  • jack

    didn’t this garbage JUST come out??

  • jack

    didnt this just come out?

  • Nick

    Sold our everywhere I looked. Damn two days ago I didn’t know I would be looking for a touchpad this bad. lol

    • JKL

      lol same here. I was AT bestbuy checking out the touchpad the day before.

  • Connor

    Anyone know if the sale price is at Costco too?

  • Gilad

    Anyone willing to part ways with this unit for $170? I am looking to buy 2 (two) 32GB Touchpads for me and my wife.

    • Jim

      What are you smoking???? The 32 gig is 149.99 + tax = 170. Why would someone sell it for what they paid????? I got one and I wouldn’t sell it for less than $250.

  • kord

    I was just able to place an order for the 32GB version on

    Currently stating: “Out of stock: Will ship when available.”

    Whether it gets fulfilled and shipped – who knows?

    • Clockwork

      I did the same. I was in line at staples this morning. I was #13 for like 11 available. D’oh.

      If they restock and ship, so be it. If not. No big loss. I was looking to buy a Toshiba Thrive within a few weeks anyway.

  • keeks

    Went to a few stores called around…all gone… I call shenanigans!!!!! Where’s the 170,000 that best buy had they couldn’t sell?????

    • KettleCorn

      I’m guessing America

  • connor

    costco had 20, the first 4 people got 4 each. lifes a b***h.

  • skrutor

    I did the run-around in Kanata, starting at best buy at 10am. I got the shifty-eyed one word answers everywhere, leading me to think that all the touchpads were scooped up by employees. The guy at Costco at least admitted there were only 12 units to start with. Ah well.

  • JB

    All I can say is….Thank god for mobilesyrup. If I had not been on facebook at the right time, read the article in less than a minute, and drove to best buy in 3 mins, I would have totally missed out on the deal of the year and would have been pissed. Finally, I didn’t miss out on something cool and apart of history now….(and I’m glad I got mine when I did because well now they are all gone)

  • hap

    Bestbuy has 32gb ordered right now for 169.33 includetaxes bc taxes
    what a great deal
    get it online only 32gb is left nothing else

  • koko

    Guys… order it directly off the HP Canada online store if you really want one, 16GB is already sold out but 32GB is till available. BestBuy and Futureshop are cancelling online and pick-up orders. The only place with stock is HP.

  • JAcksib

    F**k you r*****s for posting this deal up, now all the faggots are out getting 10 for themself and selling them on kijiji.

    • chall2k5

      except you can only buy one per person

  • Catriona

    They have the 32 GB still in stock on the hp canada web site. The price is $499 but I just talked to customer service and they said if you call during business hours next week they will refund the difference to your credit card. I just bought one and hope what the rep told me is true (otherwise I will just cancel the order).

  • OMFG

    OMFG EVERYONE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connor

    That’s what the service rep said to me too. He said order it and then call back. I have a 32 gb on order. Yay

  • Zackus

    I just went to the store and they had one left OMFG, I negrotiated and the dude gave it to me for $49.99!!! and it was a 32gb! under the counter deal here in Compton, NY.

  • Quagmire

    Rumour has it that PlayBook will be reduced to $59.99 next week! Hold your money folks!!!!!!

  • Fung Lao

    was first in line at thesource and bought 10 for myself selling them on kijiji for $300 a piece….i am rich…haha all you losers missed out

    • RealDeal83

      No one is going to pay $300 for a TouchPad at this point. Maybe $150

    • cybik

      /expletive/ you.

  • Remik

    deliberating whether to pick it up for just skype and surfing

  • Jon

    ordered a 16gb from the hp canada site, if they wont refund the difference i will just refund the whole thing. its worth a shot.

  • Sandman2759

    I have one on order through bestbuy and hedged my bets with an order on hpcanada. Thanks for the tip.

    If I end up with two, not sure what ill do. Either keep the second one for travel and skyping home to the family or sell one for cost plus $20 for the hassle. Either way, I’m calling it a win!

  • James Sully

    Can you actually get this or is it just a scam to get people into their stores. At this price I bet all their employees stocked up and we’ll see loads of them on kijiji and ebay. I tried to get one early this morning and there was nowhere to find (in Calgary).

  • trolol

    Typing this from Touchpad suckasssssssss

  • Rocco Rumpalli

    Once I read this on mobilesyrup this morning here in Toronto, checked online found some at the source with 2 in stock around 9:00 am there was one left, finally arrived at the store before opening 9:30 am all gone !!! Employee said there was an error on the system. Yeah Right.

    Finally went to Costco all gone but sku still valid in system – maybe will get more – Yeah Right.

    So, I finally went to Best Buy saw the manager and asked if he had some in stock – Sure they were all sold out, but I managed to purchase a 32 GB floor model!!!

    Not bad using it at home now great product fast – hell for the price even if it lasts one year who cares.

    Also the Best Buy Manager said that if any employees purchased the product would be fired!!! because People were lined up from 6:00 am.

    Good Luck I think they are all gone now

  • marco

    It seems they are all gone now. I was lucky to get one at the source this morning. I was second in line and they only had 2 left.
    I also placed an order from best buy last night but, thought it wouldnt go through. Guess what, I now have 2.
    Now I have to see if a friend wants one.
    I know its a problem some of you would love. Lol


  • Blah

    Goddamn the hoarders… Fkn cheap basement dwelling asian motherfkrs

  • TeknoBug

    The Source in Chinook (Calgary) still lists them for $449, I mentioned the $99/149 drop to the sales guy and he shrugged his shoulders and said he’s not going to do anything.

  • Eric

    Ordered mine from this afternoon; not sure if the order will go through.

  • Sandman2759

    The HP Canada touchpad page is down now!

  • Brrr

    I was ready to jump on this just to get a cheap eReader, but then I realized that a used iPad can be had for not much more. Now I’m really torn.

  • Slowpoke Rodriguez

    What ever happened to the “Limit One Per Customer” and not holding items like this in the back? The f****n’ douche at Staples came out with 4 and sold them all to some f****n’ mother with her 16 year old kid. Since when is it cool to sell 4 sale items to one broad while there’s a line-up waiting for one? What a bunch of horseshit. As if I didn’t hate Staples before, now I’m full boycott on these ho’s. F**k Staples and that b***h that bought 4 for her brat kids. Bullshit.

  • Brrr

    OK, I’m calling shenanigans here on HP’s part. They said they had over 250,000 of these in stock. It’s already completely sold out everywhere. There is no chance in hell they sold that many in one day, not even at those prices.

    This is some sort of PR move so they can come back and say “due to overwhelming demand, we’re back in the WebOS business at this new everyday low price”

    • KettleCorn

      The majority of those will have been in the US.

    • mikevan

      Considering they are selling them at a loss, I highly doubt it.

  • Immolate

    I ordered two 32GB from Micro Center at noon or 1pm eastern and finally got a confirmation email at 6:24pm. I also had Sam’s Club queued up to order should I get the dreaded “sorry we can’t fulfill your order” email.

    Good luck to you.

  • Joe

    Well f**k bestbuy the lied that they are selling it they stocked it for themselves to sell it through other sites on a profit how can it be that they are sold out when they put this ad for 99.99 it was f*****g 9pm and i went their in the morning as soon bestbuy start their operations only to know the fuckers said sold out i wonder some f*****g jinn came and bought it at 4am in the morning.

    One of the a*****e sales person told my mom HP is shutting down and webos will have no support and its sold to english company in Uk f*****g liars well thanks to me that guy is out of job I reported and he is fired!.

  • Zu Hong

    pickup i 3 miine in markham, on
    very good
    u rest lose

  • TH8MA3

    Got one for my mom at Staples. She’s so happy now its probably the best tablet out there for occasional users. Btw everyone rushed to Best Buy and Futureshop while Staples had a few also lol

  • chall2k5

    there are still a bunch in warehouses, but they haven’t made it to the stores yet, and you’re not likely to know when they will arrive

  • Zu Hong

    u are losers
    i won
    3 mine in markham
    sell it for 350$

  • gabriel

    got mine from costco with a free wallet and a free 2 year warranty

  • Eric still has the 32GB in-stock with free shipping!

  • Mike

    Is there any online stores or stores in ontario or quebec that has 16GB or 32GB for either 99.99 or 149.99

  • Good.Newz

    Zu Hong where in Markham?

  • sommo

    i just bought from staples online 16g, they are taking orders online for both 16g and 32g, check it out.

  • hap

    ordered from staples i should be getting mine on monday 9am to 5 pm
    yes finally got 113 dollors not bad

  • Saffant

    Pretty sure staples stock is mostly, if not all, phantom stock..

  • DS1495

    ^ How did you guys get one from staples? I’m looking at their website, and both the 16GB and 32GB are both out of stock?

    Any info would be great! Thanks!

  • nowwwww

    staples is taking orders right now!

  • Terwax

    US staples have it for $50… WTF

    and here i can’t even seem to find one store who has it. staples no longer have it on website, .ca.

  • Mike

    Please someone staples is finished, anywhere else?

  • Juan Daniel

    I got mine from the HP Canada website… They still have the touchpad in stock, they only have the 32 gig version… I really wanted the 16 gig version… but for that price… I’ll take it!

    • H0CKEY

      how did you manage to get it for the 149.00 on the HP Site , when i click on the 32gb buy now from HP button ,it changes to 499.00 plus 60.00 for tax in the order page.

  • Mike

    When did u get it bro please tell

  • Mike

    Yeah hockey is right where can u get it on the site for 149.99 cause it says 499.99$

  • Good.Newz

    I bought my from staples last night however I never received a conformation email that the order has been filed. I dont think they actually had stock. It probably will not get filled. HP US says that they are out of stock and you can sign up to notify you when they become available.

  • Mike

    Thanks good.newz but how can we knock the hp touchpad price from 499.99 to 149.99 on the hp Canada website, if u don’t know don’t reply cause it just gets people excited to see another message cause we hope it’s one worth looking at lol thanks man

  • H0CKEY

    Just spoke to Brayden from and they have no stock at all in their system and the next update for stock will be in 48 hours and he also mentioned not to complete my order for the 32gb touchpad at 499.00 plus tax and to wait for the update in the system (48 hours)

    • EvanK

      So, does that mean that by Wednesday they’ll have plenty of Touchpads for $100 and $150, and they won’t oversell it?

    • Fred

      How did you “talk” to someone on a Sunday. Is there a customer service line available? The only number I find says that they’re closed until business hours on Monday.

    • Bryan

      I called a different number at HP than the one listed on on the site. Instead of 877-231-4351, I called 800-752-0900. They answer 8am-8pm ET/7 days/week. The guy I spoke to told me the Sales Department will be adjusting the price on all orders once they open on Monday morning. I will call just to make sure and cancel my order if they don’t drop the price.

  • Mike

    F**k I really don’t wanna wait even longer

    • EvanK

      I don’t want to wait either, but if I can order one Wednesday I’d get one HELL of a deal!

  • Drew

    Well I’m a little late so their all SOLD OUT :'(

  • Superfly

    Just an update for those who ordered the HP touchpad online at….. I just spoke to a guy in the technology department at Staples in edmonton north end. He emphasized that Staples Canada’s inventory system is super accurate and it runs real time. What he meant was that the online store would not accept orders if the inventory was zero. As orders are placed online, it subtracts from inventory. When inventory is zero, it says OUT OF STOCK and will not allow u to place an order. So if your order went through then you will get one. Email confirmations will not be sent until Monday when the warehouse opens. I hope this is the case because I ordered 2 16Gb HP TPs and the order went through. Just waiting for email confirmation 🙂

  • Superfly

    He also said that their system is not like other company systems and is automated precisely as orders are placed. Hope he is right!

  • Superfly

    I phoned the store located in Edmonton. Not the online store. I just wanted to know how there online system worked. I have an order number and everything so I wanted to know if even though I ordered it online, could I still not get one because I ordered one after they were all sold. He that it would be impossible to be ae to place an order if the inventory was zero. Only going by what he had said as he seemed to have been alot of knowledge with this type of concern.

  • nowwwww

    hope youre right i ordered mine online last night!

  • Superfly

    Sorry for my crap grammar and spelling. So anyway, hopeful we all will get our Touchpads

  • EvanK

    All of us minus the 90% who tried to order when it was already sold out.

  • H0CKEY

    FutureShop in Langley has about 20 units in the back …..but they are marked a RT not OB , the manager will NOT sell any of them, they will not test them, they will just send them back to HP
    While other futureshop’s will sell them if they are not defective, as Open Box = OB

    OB = Open Box on their system
    RT = They marked them all for Return to HP

    The manager is stubborn and will not sell any of the working units to anyone.

    I bet the employee’s have their pickings from those stashed in the back (O.o)

  • Peter B

    Purchased the 32gb model on the HP website this afternoon. 16gb could not be purchased so I’m hoping the 32gb order will actually be fulfilled.

    Purchased at the full $499 price. Will call customer service tomorrow to see if price gets adjusted and hope they can confirm that my order is valid.

  • EvanK

    Does anybody know if the 16 GB model will come available any time soon?

    Also, will the prices be adjusted to the $99 and $149 any time soon?

  • Mike

    I ordered from hp website as well and I was wondering are we guarenteed to get what we ordered

  • Juan Daniel

    This is from HP US:

    “Additionally, some of our customers may have experienced a pricing error while purchasing on August 20th and 21st. We are in the process of ensuring every order is honored at the discounted price and will send you confirmation via email.”

    I can’t think of any reason why people who bought the tablet from the Canadian website at full price will not get their price adjusted. After all the new price was advertised on the regular website, but not on the HP shopping site. If you want it, get it while you can…

    • Kruti

      But where do we get them??

      i’ve only seen one future shop store online that says that has them.

      you think newegg will discount their prices?? or even canada computers if we order online?

  • EvanK

    Anybody else getting “Service Unavailable’d” from HP’s shopping site today?

    Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

    Reference #6.c92bf648.1314016140.7160f72

  • jaydee

    @EvanK: Yup, been getting that all morning…

  • blairmn

    for 100-150 bucks. there really is no downside to it. its not the worst tablet in the world altho i do wish that it had the HDMI output because then i could of used it as a SWEET media center device (wall mount it then use the hdmi plug in to my amp to control my library of music) that would of looked pretty awesome.

  • Superfly

    So apparently staples had shipped all of it’s inventory to it’s stores 4 days before the fire sale. It seems all retailers did as well. So they all knew the fire sale was coming 4 days before it was a announced and had no inventory online. So that is how it goes.

  • jaydee

    The HP website is totally screwed and Staples doesn’t even show it on their website… Neither does Costco or London Drugs… Best Buy and Future Shop all say “Not available online” :/

  • Superfly

    And that is also why employees of these stores bought all the stock before the doors opened. I was in bestbuy Edmonton 7pm Friday night and looked at the HP touchpad. I did not know of the fire sale coming and I asked if they had it in stock if I was intersseted in buying it. He said “yea, we have like 25 of them” I went home and at midnight I had seen online that the firesale was coming. So I waited at the doors saturday morning at best buy to get one for $99. When the doors opened, I ran inside to find a sign that said “sold out”. 30 second after the store opened they were sold out, buy the night before are 7pm they had 25 and know one talked about the fire sale. So sick!!!!!

  • Superfly

    Yes Jaydee, it’s apparent that 99% of the Touchpads in Canada were sold before any doors opened Saturday morning at almost all retailers that carried it. Costco and staples were the only retailers that actually had the stock they claimed to have, all others lied and either sold them before doors opened, or lied and said “sold out” when in fact they where sitting at the back of the store for friends and family to buy in secret.

  • Superfly

    My wife’s niece told us that a friend of hers works at futureshop and told her that if she wanted an HP touchpad she needed to come to him in the store and he would pull one out from the back for her. When she came to buy herself one at noon, sign said “sold out”! She found her friend inside and was able to purchase 3 of them for her and her sisters. So it just goes to show that I assume this is what happened on Saturday in most retail stores.

  • Superfly

    Anyways…. Its over now and dead to me. Whew!!!! What a weekend!!!!!

  • Slype

    This reminds me of when the iPhone4 was low on stock and the rogers stores employees were feeding them to friends and family first. This kind of behaviour bothers me so much that it helped me make my decision to leave Rogers. This being said, I think I will be shopping a lot more at Canada Computers from now on. I used to buy the occasional item from Future Shop but this pretty much sealed the deal for me.

    The only way I can be heard is by voting with my wallet and though I may be only one person, I’m going to stick to my guns on this.

  • Ryan

    A buddy of mine managed to pick up a 32gb model at FutureShop Heartland this morning. There were like 30 people lined up outside before the store opened, and they only had 6 Touchpads in stock. People were butting in line, getting in fights, it was ridiculous. All the Future Shops in the GTA appear to be out of stock.

  • Stupid

    This is DONE now.

    All gone everywhere. No point in looking.

    HP Canada has sold out, canceled and removed the items from their online store.


  • Superfly

    Hey STUPID, you are probably right that they are sold out everywhere, but they have not been removed from the hp canada website. They changed the page which shows $399 again but there is no option to buy online. But it is still on the website. It has NOT been removed!!!

  • EvanK

    Just got off the phone with HP Canada, they’re completely sold out and NOT selling any more. There’s no waiting list, no sales tomorrow or in a week, they’re not selling anymore. I’m baffled about what they’ll do with the other how many hundred thousand that went unsold, they’ll probably just bury them in a desert with all the Apple Lisas. Right now, your only hope is Craigslist or Kijiji.

    • NorthernDrawl

      Thanks for posting that. I sat on hold for 25 minutes, then it rang, then I was back on hold … at which point I gave up.

  • EvanK

    I was on hold for 40 minutes, it hung up on me, and I had to try again and again for hours. Finally, SOMEBODY picks up the phone and says, “If you’re calling about the Touchpad, it’s sold out”. So, I waited 2 hours just to hear that. They should’ve had some sort of recorded announcement to tell you when you call.

  • sze

    did anyone that order one from staples on the weekend get a confirmation email?
    or were they just lying to us that they actually were selling them when my order went through

  • sze

    oh the email from staples…never existed

  • Cory Trevor

    I ordered one from hp Canada for 500$ hoping to getthe discount price… So I was wondering am I guarenteed for it? I put the order in yesterday, at about 3:00 pm

  • H0CKEY

    Cory Trevor – I also ordered one on the weekend and i talked to HP Sales this morning and was told they will adjust the price to 149.00 but they are also cancelling allot of orders cause they only have limited stock and they are doing the orders in order received and that they should be emailing me sometime this week with a price adjustment or refund.

  • Cory Trevor

    Hockey — When did u order and what number did u call to get info, and thanks for responding bro

  • H0CKEY

    Cory – i ordered sunday morning and i called this morning # 1-877-231-4351 (was on the phone waiting for 50mins before finally talking to someone).. hopefully i don’t get a refund/cancelled email from HP 😉

  • Eric

    I ordered mine from on Saturday; called HP Customer Care this evening and waited 1hr40mins…then they disconnected my call!!!

  • Cory Trevor

    Hockey – what did they tell you on the phone? Cause I can’t get through and Which digits did u press to talk to someone

  • Mic

    Reached someone at hp this afternoon (45 min wait), they received 5k orders through their website over the w/e, and likely they had only 500 in stock…. And there won’t be anymore.

  • jaydee

    Hmmm, I wonder if my online order at Best Buy from Aug 20 will go through? My store pick up orders were cancelled but the one that I set to ship went through and said it was processed. It hasn’t shipped yet though and so my card hasn’t been charged. I wonder if they’re going through all the orders too and don’t know yet… I hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

  • Michel

    Just received an email from staples that the item is not available and order has been cancelled.
    Here is the email
    Valued Staples Customer,

    Your recent attempt to purchase item 355306 HP TOUCHPAD WIFI 16GB TABLET or 355507 HP TOUCHPAD WIFI 32GB TABLET on your Staples order listed above is subject to inventory availability. Unfortunately, these items are out of stock and are no longer available.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We have not billed you for either of these items.

    Please contact our Customer Service team at with any questions or concerns.

    Thank you for choosing Staples.

    Staples Customer Service

    Can you believe it!!! My order went through and now they are saying this.fckng STAPLES!!!!

  • EvanK

    Anybody know of any more retailers that may have a Touchpad? I’m not giving up until I can track one down…

  • notbillable

    Apparently there is another batch of touchpads coming.

    HP is clearing up their inventory and also letting go their palm at $75.
    Just keep an eye out for it and you may catch one.

    • Omar

      Hello, do you know where the batch is coming? and when?

  • sze

    where are they going to come to? im also determined to get one!

  • H0CKEY

    HP Sales has a pre recording now in regards to people who placed an order over the weekend – “They are processing the orders and will be emailing people that placed an order with a update on their order with in 24 to 72 hours”

  • Mike

    Hockey — Thanks man, but I think we are f****d because I ordered Sunday during the day and well if there’s 5K orders we are FUCKED… Is there any places people know where to get one cause I am still wantin one

  • Andy

    What piss off…I went to the future shop on Saturday morning and asked the sales guy if there were any HP touch pads left and he said no…I asked him how many were brought in and he said like 20-25 units…then he tells me that the staff was given the option of buying them before anyone else…So by Saturday morning there were none available for the public anyways…I then go on Kijiji and behold…HP touch pads for sale at 300$…Why bother even putting them in the flyer…People were freaking…they sat in line up from 5am to get one…Shame on you future shop…

  • Mike

    Hockey is that website legit please bro tell me, diid you order as well?

  • H0CKEY

    Mike – yes it is and yes i made my order at 6:00 today they have 39 units of 16gb and 11 if the 32gb , but the longer you wait the less chance your gonna get one tomorrow when they fill orders.

    • Clockwork

      I also made an order at 1145pm and it still shows 39 and 11.
      hmm…hope it didn’t sell out before I ordered.

  • Omar

    does anyone know what hp will do with the touchpads that were demo units which are being sent back to them from places like staples and futureshop?

  • Jacob

    I got this e-mail today from HP
    Dear valued HP Shopping customer,
    Thank you for purchasing an HP TouchPad. We have been working to meet the overwhelming demand and are pleased to inform you that you will be receiving your TouchPad soon.
    Orders will be filled in priority based on your day and time of purchase:
    · 16GB model will begin to ship the week of September 5, 2011

    · 32GB model will begin to ship the week of September 12, 2011

    If you purchased a TouchPad at the original price ($399.99 for 16GB and $499.99 for 32GB), your credit card payment will be adjusted to reflect the new price ($99.99 for 16GB and $149.99 for 32GB). Further, if you have decided to cancel your order, please respond to this message by Friday, August 26.
    Thank you for being a valued customer and for your patience as we process your order.
    Enjoy your TouchPad!

  • Mike

    Jacob – I’m glad to hear that you got yours, I was wondering when did you order yours

  • I

    Everyone should be keeping a look out for iPads instead of TouchPads 😛

  • Jamal

    F**k ipads you i***t no one cares about those right now

  • Mic

    Dear Mic,

    We wanted to connect with you immediately with respect to your recent visit to where you ordered the HP 32GB TouchPad with Wi-Fi. Being upfront and direct with our customers is important to us. Recently, an error within our online system was made, and as a result of the overwhelming volume of orders placed, we were unable to fulfill your request due to a lack of inventory and have cancelled your order. We wish to assure you that your credit card will not be billed for this amount whatsoever. We appreciate this is likely disappointing news and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    In addition, we wish to make clear that we will not be receiving any new inventory of this product, however should we receive any occasional customer returns, you may see available stock in certain stores. For more information about the HP TouchPad, please click here.

    As explained in our Web Site User Agreement, strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible each day. However, as maintenance of our website is a human process, errors do occur upon occasion. Our online retail teams are busy reviewing this particular issue to learn from it and ensure we can make your online shopping experience even better next time. If you have any further questions we would direct you to our current FAQ information as posted on our website here.

    Again, we regret the inconvenience and hope you’ll give us another opportunity to serve you better in the near future.



    ordered Aug 20 @ 1pm

  • I

    calm down jamal
    just making a suggestion to those who didnt get a touchpad

  • Peter B

    Woo Hoo!!
    My order from HP is confirmed. I got the same email that Jacob from a few comments above got.

    Now the slow waiting game begins as the 32GB’s won’t ship until September 12th.

    I already have plans to store photos and movies on it free up my iPhone memory.

    • Fred

      When did you order yours, Peter B? I ordered on Saturday evening around 8 PM mountain time – and I have not yet recieved an e-mail…

  • Peter B

    Hi Fred. I ordered on August 21st at 3:45pm. Hopefully you get the email too. I think that as long as you got a confirmation number from HP it will be fulfilled.

    • Fred

      I didn’t get an e-mail yet…I will call and ask.

  • Bart Miceli

    does anyone know where I can get the hp 16gb touchpad for $100.00