LG on their upcoming devices: “What you see here today is just the beginning”


  • jellmoo

    I’m curious as to their market positioning. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work out for them to have multiple high end devices at a time.

    I’m also curious to see if these announcements mean that they are abandoning WP7. I personally wish they wouldn’t, but given the Nokia/Microsoft deal I can certainly see why they would.

  • rudiox

    2 sexy girls with their mother showing off a new cellphone…:)

  • Canadianman20

    The 3D phone looks like it has some really nice specs. I wonder how good the 3D really is

  • nard

    Cool idea… except only one problem… it’s LG.

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    And NO wind phones? did wind even attend? poor uncle swarie..