Virgin’s $30 Unlimited Incoming Plan now includes Unlimited Local and International texting


  • Dustin

    ugh! the 7pm early needs to go.

  • XER

    Well… This is a good step but we still need a true unlimited plan… like we are still missing call display and unlimited day time minutes.

    • Ardel

      Go with Chatr

      I did it and I am extremely happy.
      True unlimited, with call display.

      For 6 months you could benefit double promotions, which drops your rate to $15 monthly.

  • LikeMyMobiflip

    what about free voice mail and unlimited data plan?

  • Rookie

    Just go to the new providers .. Better off with robbers…

  • jordan

    i honestly think its the stupidest thing in the world when you people complain about plans not being unlimited

    honestly, this plan would suit many peoples needs. No one needs unlimited. There is no such thing as someone who uses unlimited minutes.

    • Nadeem Khan

      ofcourse no one uses “unlimited” minutes, it isn’t a tangible number. Its the fact that you can use as much as you want with the peace of mind you won’t get a heart attack once your bill comes. its the ease you are at that if you get a call during the day you aren’t rushing the person off the phone or wondering if you have enough daytime minutes left. Thats unlimited i.e. peace of mind.
      ps: I need unlimited minutes and there is such a thing as “unlimited” minutes, ergo, proving your last statement wrong.

    • Brrr

      “Unlimited” is not about how much you can or do use, it’s about knowing what your bill is going to be every month no matter what. Piecemeal extra-billing is garbage.

  • Steve

    Fido offers the same plan as well! Its great

  • Colin R

    surely “evenings and weekends from 7pm” means “Friday evening 7pm – Monday morning” free? They arent saying free from 7pm on saturday and sunday??? Seriously?

  • Marky

    With all carriers, evenings and weekends from Xpm means friday at Xpm until monday morning.
    No idea what would give you the impression it meant sat and sunday from 7pm…….. You even know that’s what it meant by the first half of your statement……

  • alex k

    well right now the big 3 are really feling the pinch with the new providers offering unlimited plans for everything just wait abit more they will be forced to spit out there own unlimited plans as well soon just wait and see

  • Kleber

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