Airtel Wireless first in Canada to offer the Android iDEN Motorola i1


  • Shayne

    android 1.5??? really?


  • Coldbones

    Why the hell would I pay $300 on top of a 3-year contract when I can just add $100 for no-contract? Who ever came up with that pricing needs some maintenance on his brain.

  • JFrosty

    Who would get an Android OS 1.5 phone for $299 on a 3-year contract?

  • Soulsaber

    Wow that is the worse subsidy on a phone ever…

    • mario83

      the rugged phones have always had bad subsidys, they are specialized devices that arent cheap to make, and most people who would buy this phone couldnt care less about what version it has as long as it works

  • vandevelde

    The real question is – What price is the TELUS Mike i1 going to be at?

  • Scott Holmes

    Another sign of another mobile dealer not caring about long term use of the phone or the consumer..just a pretty package that will have loads of complaints for the owners of the phone. My take.. Spend another hundred dollars and grab an HTC or Samsung. Motorola and LG eve need to be removed. If you want a phone like this. Get it unlocked new well under 200 on ebay..makes no sense to buy this any other way No way in blank is it worth 400.