Samsung Galaxy S coming to Canada “this summer”


  • theninjasquad

    The more interesting info will be which provider is going to get it.

  • Steve H


  • Rich

    Always wondered what marketshare LG / Samsung have. It seems like they have a countless number of phones — most often with a release and forget mentality.

    Anyways though, I’d take a Nexus One over this and that’s far older. So not terribly exciting.

  • Steve H

    Where’s the link??

  • Steve H

    Their support is definitely questionable, but how can you say a 4″ screen, timed-exclusive SAMOLED, true 720P HD recording (30fps), front facing camera, true multitouch (unlike N1’s issues), bluetooth 3.0, and wifi-N are not terribly exciting?! lol

  • DJM

    So high-tech, that they can’t even add a led-flash.


  • James Lui

    Question for, could the winner of the “Win the Android of your choice contest” request this phone???

    Totally understandable if this is not the case, but just wondering.

  • Mathieu

    One of the best non-Froyo Android devices available in Canada this summer for sure.
    Its display is fairly as good as the iPhone 4 “retina” display to the human eye (even under the sun)

  • Diz

    How about upgrading the current Galaxy with a newer version of Android, or at least updating the firmware?

    Samsung, are you listening?

  • Bong Sniffer

    I am a stong supporter of HTC devices..but I used this device at CTIA 2010 and it is very very impressive..

    its just too big of a device to carry around though…I think these OEM’s should stick with the magic number of 3.7″ screens..its the right size..just pack the pixels in.

  • Della

    So… is this going to be using stock Android, or some sort of… Bada/Android fusion?

  • Amar

    Look like a iPhone 3Gs copy-cat.
    I like the Xperia X10 better

  • James Lui


    Its going to be using what Samsung calls “TouchWiz UI” which is basically Samsung’s attempt at modding android to be similar to Bada in look and feel.


    The Sony Ericsson would seemingly have better industrial design. However, the internals and software on the Samsung are undeniably superior. Not to mention that a 4″ AMOLED screen without a thick glass layer vs. a 4″ TN TFT-LCD is like night and day. Both of their custom implementations of android are lacking in user experience cohesion, IMHO.

  • Rene

    Seeing the level of support Samsung provides for their phones when I had the Galaxy, I think I’ll stick with HTC for android phones from now on.

  • Daniel

    It looks like it would be compatible with Wind and the other AWS carriers. It might be nice to see them get it so they’d have something solid in-store to compete with the big name carriers.

  • Tom

    This thing has the best screen of any phone on the market. From what I can tell it wins in visual appeal, performanc in sunlight, and battery consumption.

    I was also very impressed at how light this phone is.

    On the other hand, others have expressed legit concerns about support from Samsung. Has Sammie promised Froyo yet?

  • Nico

    This could be my next phone if it comes to Rogers. I’m still wanting a HTC through.

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    oh hellz yea!!!!

    This is one samsung i would love to buy “spec wise”
    i would still need to play with it to see, But i may wait for this (as much as i dont want to drop WM or HTC)
    Unless tha desire actually gets launched in canada….

    Still signing up now
    (Thanks Kate & Tim)

  • BigC_13

    Would be very interested in taking this for a spin if it came out for Telus, looking for something more powerful then my hero and since the Droid X is verizon exclusive my dreams of getting that beauty are on hold. Not to worried about updates since I’ll just root it, seeing as HTC is just as useless with updating their phones

  • Dogpedic

    Samsung has confirmed to discontinue Galaxy S on Nov 2010. They will launch Galaxy Q with Android 2.5. (Reference: Samsung’s internal docs).

  • Brittany

    i have tmobile and was planning to move to canada in the next year. now i dont know whether to get the us version or wait to get the canadian one. sounds like the us version wont work in canada even unlocked. feeling kinda screwed now.