Rogers to offer iPad price plans at the “end of May”


  • Rich

    I don’t really care much for the item in question. However it makes me wonder if this means Apple and Rogers are all lovey dovey still.

    The end question is, does this mean the iPhone 4G will launch on Rogers first or are the rights still up for grabs?

  • Aiden Cho

    When the IPhone announces, both carriers will have it at the same time. I am more interested in the data pricing Rogers would introduce fro the IPad

  • toysandme

    I just had an inquiry from a friend who wants to buy the iPad as a travelling computer through the Maritimes. Rogers’s Edge coverage it totally pathetic (as in practically non-existent in NL), let alone 3G. Let’s hope that Bell and Telus offer iPad plans if the thing is not locked to Rogers.

  • Neil

    Well, first of all, I don’t believe it will be called iPhone 4G. The name is referring to the data speed and no carrier in Canada (and many other countries) offers 4G at this point. It will most likely be another variation of 3G. Like 3G+ or 3Gpro or something. Also, there is no carrier that holds rights to the phone at this point. iPhone 3G and 3GS is available on Rogers, Bell, and TELUS. Most likely the next-gen will launch on all 3 as well.

  • Mark Skerritt

    who gives a f***. the ipad is junk!

  • Brendan Mcmillen


    I know how you feel man. Down in NL rogers is shard. Once you leave st johns your lucky to get edge but as soon as you pass carbaner its gone for good. Telus and Bell on the other hand have NL covered with 3g+ coverage and ill get to test that with my milestone next Wednesday when i go to visit family

  • TNSF

    Rogers is not offering the iPad, they are offering iPad PLANS. Any carrier can jump on that bandwagon and I’m sure they all will.

    Except the noobs who only have AWS 😛

  • Cody

    nice catch TNSF

  • Hamid Adem

    should i get a ipad i already have a ipod and a iphone?

  • B

    So unlimited data in the states is $30…so that translates to approximatly $120 with Rogers? Sounds about right!

  • toyandme

    “So unlimited data in the states is $30…so that translates to approximatly $120 with Rogers? Sounds about right!”

    Don’t forget Rogers’ GRR Fee (Government Regulatory Fee) and taxes.