Industry Minister knows the urgency on a Globalive decision

clementAs the drama still unfolds over the Globalive/WIND Mobile pending launch, Industry Minister Tony Clement has stated “We do have the power through an order of council in cabinet to amend or vary the decision of the CRTC… The government’s policy is designed to increase competitiveness in the wireless space, and that is important for Canadian consumers because it increases choice, it increases quality and it reduces cost”.

This news might shed some light on his upcoming and very anticipated decision. Still no date on when he’s going to announce if they’ll be given the green light to launch, Clement did say he knows there is “some urgency” to resolve this issue quickly, but again stated “We’re sifting through all of that information, and then we’ll be able to render an informed and I believe correct decision”.

We spoke Globalive Chairman Tony Lavacera last week and he was more optimistic than ever they’ll be able to launch. WIND has already hired over 800 people and have set up their stores, plus kiosk in BlockBuster locations.

Via: MSN