MGM bringing 600 movie titles to YouTube and Google Play in North America

Daniel Bader

April 17, 2012 3:32pm

A few weeks after inking a deal with Paramount, Google is back with a new movie studio deal. This time it is MGM, the purveyors of great films such as The Terminator, Rocky and Robocop. The deal is expected to bring over 600 films to YouTube and Google Play Movies in North America, with more coming in the weeks and months.

Though the deal is only for rentals (Google doesn’t yet allow purchases through Google Play), MGM was the final holdout in Google’s growing media content empire, so now it just has to work on bringing quality titles from all the studios to its users.

The Android Market was recently rebranded as Google Play in an attempt to emphasize content besides apps. While Google already rented movies and sold books through its service, they are now prominently displayed when you enter the Google Play app and on

Check out all the details of the MGM-Google deal on the YouTube Blog.
Via: The Next Web

  • WP74life

    Yep, Windows Phone 7 is the only way.

  • ingeniumed

    Yeah I mean having everything stored in the cloud accessible on any phone without having to use a desktop software is definitely not as good as WP7.

  • Justin

    Uh, pretty sure Google still hasn’t signed Fox. So they’re still missing a major studio.

    • Yeria

      You’re right. 20th Century Fox still hasn’t signed yet but I believe now they’re the only one left. I’d say it’s just a matter of time.