ScoreMobile for iPhone updated for fantasy baseball lovers

ScoreMobile has become one of the great Toronto-based app success stories, building a community of almost four million users on multiple platforms. The iPhone app has recently been updated to add a number of baseball-oriented features just in time for the beginning of the season (yeah, we know we’re a bit late on this) with a view to fantasy leagues.

You can follow individual players and create entire fantasy teams as a companion to your actual league. The full feature set is below:

– Brand new “base runner diamond” feature, where users can get a snapshot of who’s on base, how many outs and the score from every game that day in one quick snapshot
– The new “Player Card Profile” feature which carries all the recent news articles from Rotowire about their featured stars, keeping them on top of the latest injury and selection news in real time
– The new “Team View” will keep users up-to-date with every strikeout, homerun, or win and browse team specific news, rankings and recent performances

If you haven’t already checked out ScoreMobile for iPhone, get it in the App Store. It is also available for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. No word on when the new baseball features are hitting other platforms.

Source: CNW