LG to release “enhanced” Gingerbread update for Optimus 3D

Daniel Bader

November 15, 2011 10:07am

For those Optimus 3D users still wondering where their Gingerbread release is, LG hears your cries. Instead of just polishing their existing product and throwing a Gingerbread label on there the company wanted to go a different route and add some real functionality — hence, an “enhanced” update.

What are these improvements that Rogers users can expect before the end of the year? According to an LG press release:

– Enhanced HSPA+ Speed via Faster Packet Data Services – Internet browsing and real-time streaming have become smoother and more seamless with up to 21Mbps HSDPA

– Enriched 3D Experience with 3D Video Editor and Full-screen UI Preview – With 3D Video Editor, users will be able to easily create and edit 2D as well as 3D movies on their Optimus 3D. The preview screen has become wider with a transparent UI, enabling users to capture better quality 3D content

– Improved Multimedia with 2D Video Stabilization and Faster Gallery Activation – Optimus 3D owners will now be able to record high quality video in 2D mode with the video stabilization feature, previously only available in 3D mode. Gallery loading time has also been reduced

In addition to these features, standard Gingerbread rules apply: better power management, copy/paste and a new overall feel. Though we don’t know how we feel about the company releasing Android 2.3 when Ice Cream Sandwich is around the corner, but hey, you can’t have all your desserts at once, you’ll ruin your appetite.

Stay tuned for official word from Rogers in the coming weeks about availability.

Source: Android Central

  • Sean

    I don’t see why anyone would choose this over the Evo 3D i mean it’s still on froyo would never pick up a phone with an outdated version of the OS

    • astudent

      I wouldn’t even get a 3D phone to begin with. Such a gimmick.

  • Alex Perrier

    It is sometimes a replacement device for those who have a damaged yet older device. Still, i wish a carrier other than Rogers would have 3D Androids. It’s Rogers’ specialty… 🙁

  • hfx_nick

    I have an EVO that I bought simply because it was the first thing Rogers released that was dual-core. I bought it because of the high resolution screen, gig of ram, and the processor, not for the 3D camera. If anything the 3D functions are an added bonus, it’s just something the phone does in addition to all of the other awesome things it’s good at.

    PLUS: When you show people a 3D picture of their drink at a bar they often get their mind blown lol.

  • Wes

    Still waiting for gingerbread on lg optimus 2x with fido.

  • Jake

    @Sean how about that the optimus has 8x more internal memory. Or the 2D to 3D game converter.

  • Daded

    Still no GB for the P999 (G2x on WIND)

  • fatcat

    optimus 2x first dual core to come out. the last dual core to get gingerbread. lg your marketing sucks!