Mattel adds AI to Pictionary cause why not

Pictionary Vs. AI will be available at retail stores starting October 2nd

In a world where AI has found a way to enter every aspect of our lives, it was only time until it permeated games.

Video games incorporating AI tech is understandable. Unexpectedly, though, Mattel, the toy and board game company, has added an AI twist to Pictionary, marking the company’s first AI-infused game.

The new game, called Pictionary Vs. AI teams (human) players against the Pictionary AI. Unlike the traditional title where (human) players try to guess what other (human) players are drawing, Pictionary vs. AI tasks you with the drawing as per the clues, which are then sent over to your smartphone, where Mattel’s proprietary algorithm tries to guess what you’ve drawn.

Human players try to predict whether the AI can guess the drawing.

Pictionary Vs. AI will be available at retail stores starting October 2nd. Pre-orders begin September 27th on the Mattel Shop. In the U.S., Pictionary Vs. AI will cost $24.99 USD ($33.73 CAD). MobileSyrup has reached out to Mattel regarding Canadian availability for Pictionary Vs. AI.

Image credit: Mattel

Source: Mattel, Via: Engadget