Chrome OS 84 brings improved overview screen, resizable on-screen keyboard

The update is rolling out to Chromebooks now

Trailing the release of Chrome 84 for mobile and desktop, Chrome OS 84 is now arriving with an improved overview screen, resizable keyboard and more.

You can access Chrome OS’ ‘overview’ screen by tapping a Chromebook’s F5 key. Overview now allows users to drag windows to either side of the screen to set up a split-screen view quickly. Additionally, those who use multiple monitors with their Chromebooks can now set up split-screen from as well as move windows from one display to another.

Chrome OS 84 also lets people resize the virtual keyboard by dragging on any corner of it. Prior to Chrome OS 84, you had to enable an experimental flag to use this feature — now it’s on by default.

Google added a new ‘Explore’ app to replace the ‘Get Help’ app. Explore can work offline and also offers direct access to Chromebook perks, exclusive deals Google offers just for Chromebook users.

Chrome OS 84 brings several small changes and tweaks as well. That includes a new microphone access toggle for the Linux container — it’s turned off by default. Users can now search within ‘ChromeVox’ menus, which should help with screen readers and other accessibility tools.

Those who film video with their Chromebooks will now automatically record in the MP4 format instead of the lesser-known MKV. That should improve compatibility with apps.

Finally, Chrome OS 84 brings a few new emoji, including a yawning face 🥱, ear with a hearing aid 🦻 and a sari 🥻.

The update will roll out in stages, which means it could take a few days to hit your device. You can check for the update by opening Settings > About Chrome OS > Check for updates.

Source: Google Via: Android Police