You can now Raid from home in Pokémon Go

This should help some people clear out old missions

Pokémon Go Trade Evolution

Niantic is adding a new item called the ‘Remote Raid Pass’ to Pokémon Go’s in-game store that will allow players to partake in raids on their nearby list without having to be at the physical location.

Without the Remote Raid Pass, players need to walk to a specific area to battle the Raid Pokémon. This isn’t ideal for social distancing, given that a space can be crowded if a lot of people show up to it. While it doesn’t happen often, I’ve seen raids easily gather 20 people in Toronto a handful of times.

It will be hard to tell when other players are going to fight at these raids since players won’t be able to see each other and coordinate, but still, I’m sure this is helpful for some. If you’ve got a few ‘Special Research’ tasks that involve Raiding, you’re in luck.

At launch, both remote and real-life players will battle with the same power. In the future, which likely means after the pandemic, at-home players’ power will be reduced.

Beyond the new item, the team is also making the game easier to play with a handful of enhancements like free ‘Daily Research’ tasks and longer item durations.

Source: Niantic