Lenovo and YouTuber Megan McCarthy demonstrate bendable tablet and wrist phone

Today at Lenovo Tech World, the company employed YouTube star Megan McCarthy  to demonstrate a bendable tablet and a smartphone that bends to serve as a wristwatch.

To showcase the prototype, Dr. Peter Hortensius referred to McCarthy, who wrapped a phone around her wrist to make it resemble a wristwatch. Immediately after, the YouTube personality took out and unfolded a tablet.

Though no release date was announced for these products, Lenovo displayed its bendable smartphone ahead of the projected release of Samsung’s bendable smartphone in 2017.

According to Hortensius, creating a bendable device involves a lot more than simple bending the screen. It’s other components, such as the battery, need to bend too.

Hortensius went on to say that “device innovation is our foundation, our DNA, our heritage.”


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