Apple gets its act together, begins selling iPhone Lightning Dock

For many years after the iPhone launched in 2007, Apple was known for making and selling an iPhone dock. It was never too complicated, basically just letting you stand your phone up while it charged, but people liked it. Then, in 2012, Apple released the iPhone 5 with a Lightning connector. Suddenly, not only were all old cables and docks rendered incompatible with a flagship iPhone, but Apple also stopped updating their official dock at that time.

MGRM2_AV3Now, after more than two years of waiting, Apple has finally managed to create a Lightning dock that lives up to its high standards. The new dock contains a Lightning connector on the top which sticks out from the top of the plastic base, and a 3.5 mm audio jack input and female Lightning connector on the back. These will allow you to not only charge your iPhone, but play music to a wired set of speakers when the phone is plugged in.

Of course, as usual, official Apple accessories often come with a premium price tag. The iPhone Lightning Dock is available in stores and online for $49 CAD, and you can get it starting today. Of course, I’d have to think that if you didn’t already own a third-party dock you’re very happy with, you probably don’t want a dock in the first place.

[source]Apple Store Canada[/source]