Fido to release Apple iPad 3G plans soon…


  • Salar Abdul-Baki

    Just as a note. Having worked with Sales Central. I could tell you, any Rogers Hardware will also register with Fido, as they use the same core system. Just different branding on the front-end.

  • al

    great news;

    hopefully since they are self described as a discount brand,
    maybe we will find rates that actually compete with the other carriers..!!

  • midtoad

    @salar, the Rogers Magic will register on Fido, but not the iPhone 3G.

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    fido’s stance is there are “currenty” no plans to releace ipad plans on tha fido brand.. and refers customers to rogers.

    this Most likely meens they May releace ipad plans & micro sim when tha new iphone is anounced..

    thats what they did to us with blackberry anouncments

    and i could not see rogers keeping tha new iphone to them selves when bell, telus and most likely vergin will releace it..
    would be a suiside mission on rogers .

  • Justin Credible

    Who cares about the iPad. I’m more interested in that 10GB data plan right on top of the photo. 😉

  • Mack

    justin, the 10gb is for the ipad, and everyone is wrong, I work for Fido marketing and we are going to get ipad plans at some point, at least we are planning to. If something shows up in the system it’s either because we WERE planning to launch it with fido, or we ARE.