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webOS 1.4 Changelog hits the web, nothing official from Palm

The very anticipated upgrade to webOS 1.4 for Palm owners is expected to go down today. PreCentral has received a tip with what looks to be the entire changelog of upgrades and fixes. The list is not yet official from Palm as they have yet to push it through to their devices. Notably the “Supports


TELUS to launch Palm Pre and Pixi in January

The second coming of Palm is in full force as they have just launched the Pre in the U.K, Germany and Spain. Here in Canada, even though Bell just dropped the price of the Pre down another $50 we understand that sales are strong. Could there be reasoning behind the price drop though, other than


Win a Palm Pre Contest!

** Contest is now over** Please click here to see if you are the winner! The Palm Pre is one of the most sought after devices to hit Canada. There has been much hype behind this product, and it’s not only because it has won multiple awards as “the best mobile phone”. We’ve already given


Video: Palm Pre takes a beer bath!

Here’s a good video to watch on a Sunday. Apparently the story behind this is that the guys Pre screen kept cracking and his boss offered up an iPhone if he “killed his Pre”. The video is pretty funny and takes a while for the suds to soak in… check it out here:

Pre: “revolutionary and there are no other phones like it”

The Palm Pre has officially been available in Canada for weeks now. We’ve done several video reviews here (1, 2, 3 & 4) and progress has been made when it comes to the App Catalog – now at 50 apps with several Canadian focused apps such as The Globe & Mail, Yelp, Shortcovers and the


Palm Pixi announced! TELUS rumour of January 2010 release

We’ve been hearing rumours of a new Palm device for some time now. It was codenamed the “Eos” and its real name was announced as the “Pixi”. This is the second device to run on their new webOS platform and the first device to ship with the Qualcomm MSM7627 chipset, essentially making the device preform


Palm App Catalog Video Review

Since Bell launched the Palm Pre last week, us Canadians have had the opportunity to have a taste of what Palm’s new App Catalog is all about. Actually the number of official apps has increased by about 40% in 7 days… the number sounds incredibly high but you have to remember that we started off


Video: Palm Pre vs. Apple iPhone 3GS

We know that the Palm Pre and the Apple iPhone are two completely different devices. Both are desired devices in Canada. We took a bit of time to take a look at each and compare them. The iPhone 3GS has a bigger screen (3.5 inches) vs. the Palm Pre’s 3.1 inch screen. They both have


Bell officially launches the Palm Pre in Canada!

It’s was May 6th (113 days ago) since Bell said they were bringing the award winning Palm Pre to Canada. And today they’ve taken down the “Coming Soon” and have officially released this touchscreen device. Bell always said it’ll be available in the second half of 2009 and amidst rumours of launch dates, speculation of