Contest: Win a Rogers Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Gear 2 Neo

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Fancy yourself a new smartphone and smartwatch? Here’s something for you! Up for grabs in the first of many summer contests is a Rogers Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Samsung Gear 2 Neo!

Both devices were released earlier this year and the LTE-enabled GS5 runs KitKat, has a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED HD display (1920×1080, 432ppi), 2.5 Ghz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, built-in heart rate monitor, 16MP camera with a 2MP front-facing camera, 2800 mAh battery and are both water and resistant. The Gear 2 Neo, which is exclusive to Rogers, is one of the latest smartwatches to arrive in Samsung’s lineup.

To enter this contest all you have to do is either follow us and re-tweet this contest on Twitter (@mobilesyrup), “Like Us” on Facebook (Facebook.com/MobileSyrup), or join us on Google+.

The contest is on until July 31st and we’ll select a winner shortly after.
Good luck to all who enter!

(Check out our Galaxy S5 review here)

  • sandi

    All done.

  • plumed

    Here’s to hope!

  • Marco Bairos

    Done all!

  • Super_Deluxe

    Fingers Crossed!

  • Tung Nguyen

    Would be great to win this phone, I broke my phone 2 days ago at Wonderland when it slipped out of my pocket during the Leviathan Rollercoaster ride haha

  • David Riedl

    great contest!

  • Phil McLeod

    Retweeted and liked on facebook

  • David Livingstone

    Better odds of scoring this than a one plus invite!

    • jorvay

      Got mine yesterday and I’ve never participated in any real way on the forums or anything like that. Looks like invites are starting to spread.

  • Basem Shams

    Sweet :)

  • Arcsvibe

    Done! I am due for an upgrade. Maybe it is time to switch to the dark side (Android) Good luck everyone!

  • Heidi P

    Super sweet

  • disqus_s5N6BcyzDD

    will love to win one!

  • Ryan Mallon

    This would be much needed and amazing to win.

  • talarico

    Ah hell…..I never win.
    Prove me wrong MobileSyrup/Daniel… Prove me wrong! Lol

  • L Joel

    Would love this

  • Jake

    We shouldn’t have to have social media to enter contests.

  • Stereo


  • Justin

    Fun times.

  • AReid


  • Jean Charestan

    wow Great gifts

  • Axay Patel

    Let’s get it!

  • A-la Hodgson

    This would be awesome!! Such a slick phone!! Come on luck!!!

  • ajm531

    is this contest open to all??? i know its a rogers device in canada but that doesnt matter to me

  • William Z. 

    It’s water resistant, not waterproof.

  • Pushpinder Purba

    Done all…hopefully I win this time

  • ASH

    I would love to win this Beast…

  • Ilgar


  • Tyrone_83

    I hope I win..=)

  • Jai Siva kumar


  • wasim

    Thanks mobilesyrup for contest samsung always best

  • DenzerD

    Yes please

  • Matty


  • Veroon Ruiz Churaman


  • Elnest Wijaya

    May the force be with MEE!!

  • theycallmeWat?


  • Jack

    Gear 2 Neo! Please!

  • Joey Naft

    Never gonna win :(

  • Joseph

    I would love both but the gear 2 neo is not exclusive to Rogers, considering you can buy both of them new at best buy or futureshop through the Samsung experience center.

  • Trevor

    Great combo!

  • Svetlana L

    All done :) Awesome prize! Thanks

  • itsthemaiaa

    All done :)

  • petertinh

    Hope I win

  • stacey dempsey

    Shared and follow on google plus and facebook Stacey Dempsey and retweeted your tweet on twitter @roswello

  • Ka .

    My turn? :)

  • eNus

    I call shenanigans! This contest is rigged.

  • LaurieLou


  • MobiDude

    pls give me

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    hope that this time my name comes & i get this amazing phone & samrtwatch

  • Andy Koenderink

    Good luck everyone. This is an awesome Contest. I really want one of those smart watches but my phone isn’t compatible since it isn’t running 4.3. Would love this upgrade.

  • AJKahn

    Will probably won’t win, but it’s worth a try. :)

  • Jonathan Leduc

    I liked you on Facebook. Now give me the goodie.

  • monsterduc1000

    Yes please :)

  • Jacey Lim

    dream come true!

  • Mike L

    Pick me please. I retweeted!

  • Monica Mederios

    Oh yes please!!!

  • Vineet Sharma

    Mobilesyrup ROXXX !!..Well done guys and all the best to all.

  • Thorsten Garbe

    Done done and done!

    Once again i entered a contest i will not win

  • Ray Dube

    I could use one of those for my workout routine. :-)

  • Phil Nguyen

    One of the best offerings ever!

  • jo ruer

    Following on google :) a great deal to get the hands on fire :D

  • Sushil Santhosh

    i m really in need of a new mobile sice my lumia 520 irritates me a lot… its not user friendly at all….. i really want an android mobile …. i just hate windows platform coz its nothing compared to android… i wish or hope or plead that i want to win this awesome samsung galaxy s5….. pls pls…. i have done the above mentioned steps…..

  • Roger

    Winning these would be very timely.

  • Jackie Y

    All done! Hoping to win this as I’ve been looking for a new phone for months now!

  • John Miller

    That would be a nice combination to own!

  • ineptone

    I’m not a Samsung guy, anymore, but with its new(er), simple root method I could totally get onboard. Then swap the Neo for a Gear Live or G Watch and we’re talking.

  • Arthur

    My aging Galaxy Nexus is dying…. totally need this new phone before mine overheats and blows up in my leg XD

  • G Mohal


  • Maz

    its been a few months i have been living with my S4 with cracked screen. I really need this upgrade

  • jndvrk

    yes please.

  • andrew konken

    Would love this. Waterproof phone means my fiance can’t destroy another one hopefully

  • karla

    I follow and retweeted (@ksceviour) ,like on facebook and google + (Karla Sceviour) Thanks!

  • Michael Licht

    To the twottering!!!

  • Neal

    Doesn’t the entry blurb usually say current fans of MobileSyrup are automatically entered?

  • Denis Toska

    i hope win

  • Scott

    re-tweet done and now fingers crossed!

  • Basil


  • Joe Scott

    Another epic contest!

  • jppetines

    retweeted @jppetines:disqus i never win anything in any raffle draws, but there’s always a first time. this would be a nice gift for my wife on her birthday!

  • umhhmm

    i would like a new samsung have not owned one since the first galaxy

  • Brian

    /me crosses fingers

  • Jennie Nickerson

    Fingers and toes both crossed! :)

  • jon

    I dont have twitter or facebook but i already follow on G+ so does that count

  • KiwiBri

    thanks. Only way I can get Samsung device

  • John W. Farris

    Fingers crossed again.

  • BriniaSona

    Already joined you guys on Google+

  • Jenni Barreca

    Yess!!!! I want it…Pleaseeeee choose me :( :(

  • Guest

    Would love to win this beauty! Already follow and like MobileSyrup, and I retweeted it. Plus I’m a Rogers customer already (and will continue to be for a LONG time as they’ve treated me good). Here’s to hoping I win a contest here…finally… lol

  • Viccy

    It would be great to have this bad boy❤

  • Kalen G

    Would love to win this beauty! Already follow and like MobileSyrup, and I retweeted it. Plus I’m a Rogers customer already (and will continue to be for a LONG time as they’ve treated me well over the past decade). Here’s to hoping I win a contest here…finally… lol

  • David

    google + it is then…pick me!!!! pick me!!!! @mobilesyrup:disqus pick me!!!! :)

  • Savannah

    retweeted @new2mommy123 liked on facebook !!
    thank you for the chance :)!!

  • Clark Kent

    Wow another phone no one will win…

  • zeynepie

    trying my Luck!!

  • MarKeeMarK

    crossing fingers X

  • Kevin (Vancity)

    i hope win :)

  • Zachary Lerner-Muloin


  • retrophiliac


  • adrian

    Fetch hither the new phone. Sweet deal.

  • Hi

    OVER HERE!!! (please?) ;P

  • petertinh

    Hope! Hope! Hope

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    hope this time my name comes

  • Mathieu O.

    I need a new phone. I broke the screen of my Galaxy Nexus :(

  • kotlasaicharanreddy

    good one I retweeted

  • Jared Bedi

    Since my GNEX is starting to show some age and this contest ends on the exact day, this would make a fantastic Birthday present to me!

  • JaySea


  • isniff

    I want one!

  • N D Tran

    Yay, great phone, and please give it to me.

  • Brendan Cardoso

    Oh, now isnt this a prize!!

  • Ryan M.

    I need a new phone! This will do nicely.

  • Awol Adict

    Here we go… fingers crossed

  • Roberta

    It’s for me?

  • Francis

    Here’s to hoping!

  • Ujjwal Singhal

    I want to win these phn……….
    because these both the phns are the best and from biggest company of the world…….

  • EddieWinslow

    I can haz new phone?

  • Marco Bairos

    Good luck everyone

  • Anupam Nath

    nice giveaway

  • Piranavan Kethees

    Already following Mobilesyrup on all 3!

  • AJ

    Good luck !

  • Megan

    All four done! Thanks for a chance to win! Would love to have just about any kind of cell phone (I feel I live in the dark ages sometimes)!

  • DrCarpy

    Good luck everyone! Thanks Mobilesyrup for another great giveaway!

  • KMart

    Another great contest!

  • Jordan

    Want one bad

  • Sushruta

    Want to win this very badly…Done everything as requested…Hope i win… :)

  • jo ruer

    Already joined and following on google+ :) hope i am lucky to have this :p

  • Ivan Jovanovic

    As someone currently shopping for a new phone, this would be amazing. Make my dreams come true MobileSyrup!

  • Albert Mallette

    i would love to win this

  • Axay Patel

    Would love to win this! Let’s get this!

  • Jan Eckert

    aaaaaaand done…

  • Michael Welling

    Tweeted :)

  • Iz3man

    My wife’s birthday is July 31st, would be awesome to give her that. New phone and dropping apple on the same day!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Nice summer so far , gearing up for the fall season.
    Only following mobile syrup on Google plus .
    I could see why this contest is popular lol.
    Good luck people , Cheers!

  • Brian Callacabbage

    Your rogers stooges need to feel the power of wind! WE have a race car! what do you have? And stop saying I am homeless! Rootybooty started that and I will get him! My little stapler is waiting for you!

  • Cathy Canton

    I don’t want to beg but I will! Please fingers crossed Please fingers crossed I so want to give this to my hubby and upgrade his Samsung Rugby. Follow on twitter and Retweeted Liked on Facebook and Google+

  • Jeffrey Ha

    awesome. I want plz

  • im SANDY

    already re-tweet

  • J Singh

    Just hoping I win! I need a new phone desperately considering I’m still using a blackberry! :(

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