Sony in discussions with Microsoft about a Windows Phone, says ‘we don’t want to be a single OS manufacturer’

Rumours last week suggested that Sony might launch a Windows Phone 8 smartphone by mid-2014, and it could be true. In an interview with TechRadar, Pierre Perron, head of Sony Mobile Europe, said, “We are continuing our discussions with other partners, including Microsoft, as part of our partnership with this company on the broader Sony spectrum.”

This could prove to be a great move for Sony. Over the past number of years the company has focussed its efforts on Google’s Android OS and produced great hardware — mainly the build quality, display and camera features.

Perron also added, “We don’t want to be a single OS manufacturer, I don’t think it’s a viable position in the long term… We enjoy very much a good collaboration with Google, we’ve been working with them for a long time and have a level of maturity with that discussion, that’s good. But at the same time, Google has a relationship with direct competitors.”

Source: TechRadar