LG G Watch specs leak online


  • Threecube

    A standby time of 36 hours is pretty pathetic for a watch. I wish companies were more focused on overall battery life.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      with a 400mAh batter they aint going far with it, surely not high resolution or anyting fit related other than a pedometer probably.

    • Joseph

      That’s a lot worse then the gear 2 which was the one to beat in terms of battery life

    • Gohy

      I’m pretty sure Pebble has better battery life

    • Joseph

      Yes you’re right on that I was just going off the fact that pebble doesn’t have a full colored screen with Mic and speaker.

  • 5Gs

    Flop. 36 hours and no more watch. Are you telling me they can’t have a battery that can last for ever? Solar power watches? helloo!

  • htowngtr

    Ugh… battery life seems fairly awful if that’s the “standby” time (a.k.a. not even being used).

  • jclgan

    That’s fairly lame if the watch has to be charged daily. Would be nice to have it last at least 2-3 days without needing a charge.

    Also, I much prefer the rounded design aesthetics of the Moto 360 – looks really customizable in terms of watch faces, and – y’know – actually looks like a conventional wristwatch.

    • Unorthodox

      Some people, me excluded, like rectangular and square dumbwatch. You never know…

  • Charles Sloane

    Are we all forgetting the Pebble? 5-7 days battery life etc

    • Jim Thibault

      Sure I have one and the ink display is super ugly

    • Charles Sloane

      If looks are all that’s important then yes you will have to deal with shorter battery life for now.

    • Nexzen

      There’s a huge diff between looking at a screen that you like to look at and one you hope gets better every time u turn it on.