AirDroid 2.0 hits Google Play with WiFi-independent access and remote phone control

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 10.11.09 AM
After a long, long wait, AirDroid for Android has been updated to version 2.0 on the Play Store, and it brings a ton of new features and some much-needed performance improvements.

AirDroid, at its core, is a piece of software you access from your desktop web browser that allows for interaction with your device without plugging it in. While AirDroid 1.0 did a bunch of great stuff, like allowing you to transfer files wirelessly from your computer to your phone and vice versa, it was “tethered” to a local WiFi connection. Its sequel has no such limitation, allow for access over cellular connections from anywhere.

New features include remote phone control, including the ability to locate your device on a map and security wipe it if it gets into the wrong hands. It also works to notify you of incoming calls or SMSes, much like the popular MightyText app (that was also recently updated with similar functionality). AirDroid also enables remote camera functionality, which can turn on your phone’s rear camera without alerting the person using it. This can be used for surveillance purposes or to identify someone who has stolen the phone.

AirDroid is a free, ad-supported download.

Source: Google Play
Via: Android Police