BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta now available to download


  • kman

    Thats not a super exciting upgrade.

    Is it just me, or are there not a lot of good new apps showing up in the appworld? I thought a lot of our favorite android apps would be ported, but its still pretty darn sparce in there.

    Too bad, because the painful lack of quality apps is really killing the playbook.

    • Lumia800

      Just let us know when it drops to $99.
      That is the only thing people want to hear about the Playbook.
      RIMM closed at $10.30 today..and we are not even in June!

    • NoBBM

      More than 1 yr later and still no BBM??
      Too expensinve at $150but will take one without BBM at $99.

  • pots

    i bought a playbook and after i downloaded the last upgrade it stopped working and i dont now were to take to fix it it doesnt turn on

    • jansen

      callv rim or best buy

    • LeafsFan77

      Call the support line.

  • stevemcstave

    RIM, give up. This is just sad. Having to deviate from offering an internal os to Android that is poorly implemented means its time to move on.

    I can’t wait until playbooks are $99 in the firesale when rim is sold. Seems like an alright device to tinker with/bring camping etc.

  • Crackhead

    Bwahahahaha!!!! This was the best intro to an article ever!
    “For all the BlackBerry PlayBook developers out there…” – what Playbook developers?!?!

    Blackerry friggin’ shot themselves in the chest like they were suffering from post concussion syndrome by not releasing apps like crazy for the appworld. I mean, isn’t that THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON everyone has learned from Apple’s mobile success?! You can’t just release good quality hardware, you MUST support it with apps!

    No wonder their stock and their success is tanking. It’s such sad news right now…

    • Lumia800

      He should have written: “for all those people that can’t wait and want to pay $150 instead of $99….”

      -Developers for PB?? all the 17 of them??

  • sp

    @Crackhead and @stevemcsteve

    you two are really something. hoping for a company to go under because you dont like them? did they do something wrong to you? did they not exchange a faulty blackberry for you when you were sporting them back in the day?

    that is low what you guys are asking to happen.

    im glad i have a Playbook. does everything I need and then some for my needs of a tablet.

    if you guys have nothing nice to say then go shove your head up your a**es and say it there.

    despicable how you guys are wishing for them to go out of business.

  • lunde20b

    OS politics aside, any person that uses a tragedy to further a point is a worthless human being.

  • JThomas

    I’ve got apps on there. WE DO EXIST! Like that the android apps will get individual shells now. I’ll be testing out the beta.

  • gc

    I just want gtalk/skype and a decent GPS! then my playbook will change from great to perfect!

  • ace

    these new features should have been sold with/implemented in 1.0.
    Still needs GPS, apps like skype, SHOULD HAVE BBM!!!! GET ON THE APPS!!

  • alex

    Skype, Netflix? alternate keyboards?
    The whole Android APP compatibly announcement was marketing truth stretching beyond what I hoped for, I still search the APPWorld regularly to find dome of my favorite Android APPS…not many…???
    The way I had read their announcement was that there would be a Play Store APP….
    I tried to Dingleberry my Playbook. But they shut that down.

    Any ideas on this?

    • Ange

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  • BBB

    Not great news, but at least they are making the steps to perfect this and at least you don’t have to buy a new one to get the upgrade like some other companies not naming any names.