Perfect Apple Watch apps to carry on your wrist


  • Neil Harris

    Check out Mappts. It shows your next travel-time based calendar appointment and a countdown timer for when to leave.

  • Eli_Vance

    More free advertising for Apple. Thanks Applesyrup!

    • Saturday’s articles:

      1 for HTC, 1 for Alto’s Adventure, 1 for Apple Watch, 1 for Google Glass.

      By your metric it’s also free advertising for HTC, Snowman, and Google. Thanks HTCsyrup/Snowmansyrup/Googlesyrup!

    • Domino67

      On the home page there are 5 articles for the Apple Watch. None about Android smartwatches and one about Galaxy s6….I would say that skews towards being Applecentric.

    • You mean there’s more articles about a product that just came out 48 hours ago than there are for products that came out over 1 year ago and 2 weeks ago? Shocking.

    • Domino67

      The same product that was announced 7 months ago. Preordered 2 weeks ago and is a product that others have being making for awhile now, but because its Apple it is looked at as a new product category…..Shocking.

    • I don’t know how often you visit MobileSyrup but there’s articles about announcements and pre-orders for other products, too, not just Apple.

      Apple articles just tend to be more common because they generate more traffic and engagement/comments.

    • KiwiBri

      I think you should just go to Phandroid or Crackberry.

    • sggodsell

      I was waiting a while to see when this article was going to go away. It’s still showing after more then 2 months. So everything you said isn’t true. Mobile syrup has officially shown its true allegiance to all things Apple. Especially since this article is still showing up in the how to’s section from the front page. There is nothing in this article that makes it a how to’s article.

    • The How To section is in chronological order. You’re just being an imbecile.

    • sggodsell

      Do you even know what how to’s are. This article is NOT written in any way like a how to. Did you even read this article?

  • Domino67

    I wonder if any platforms other than Apple have smartphones? 😉

    • It’s Me

      So you don’t remember lots of articles about the Moto 360 or Samsung Gear(s) or various Wear watches? Funny because there have been many…back when they were new and/or interesting.

      People seem to have short term memory leading to complaints about things they can’t remember.

    • sggodsell

      It’s been over 2 months now, yet this article is still showing in the front page, under the section how to’s. There is nothing in this article that defines it as a how to article. So yeah, I think he was right when he said ‘I wonder if any other platforms other than Apple have smart watches’. That or Applesyrup is showing its true colours. 😉

    • It’s Me

      Or you know, it’s because it was one of the last three “how to’s” that was posted. When a new one or two or three come along, they will bump it from the last three.

      Is an ordered list really that difficult a concept? I thought you had some dev experience. That’s scary as sh!t if it’s really that confusing for you.

    • It’s Me

      Clearly you don’t understand what a how to article really is. So
      for you to even think that is article is a how to related one, then I have to
      seriously question your level of intelligence. This article just lists a few
      apps. It doesn’t go into any HOW TO.

      Do you even have a good command on the English language?

      Except that I didn’t challenge your assertion that it wasn’t a how to article. The fact that you seem to think I did shows perhaps that it your grasp of the language that is questionable. Perhaps you need to visit your ESL tutor for clarification 😉

      No, you brought up that it had been on the front page for 2 months as though that somehow supported Domino’s rhetorical question. Given it is the last three articles in the category that are shown, it should be common sense that it will remain in the last three until it is no longer in the last 3. The fact that it has remained there for two months isn’t all that surprising, given it is so seldom that they add to this category. Whether it is actually a how to is irrelevant to the assertion that MobileSyrup is Apple biased.

      I hope you don’t bother to reply again. Because, while you seem to desperately want to appear to be intelligent, so far you’ve only shown a tenuous grasp of the language and a frightening lack of understanding of sequence, order and queues. That’s grade school stuff for most people; pre-school for some.

      I don’t have to question your level of intelligence. You’ve clearly demonstrated it, or lack thereof 😉

  • Mike R

    Is there such a thing ?

  • van_N

    Is there a “Why did I spend so much money on this so-called watch?!” app?

  • Fabian

    I’m not convince that wearable will add value. I’m of the opinion that wearable will be an inconvenience in my life and will frustrate me. Since wearables are an extension of the smart phone it becomes another inconvenience that must be charged and sync daily.

    It’s hard enough keeping your smartphone powered now you have another piece of tech to manage. The smart watch add no value. It does nothing better or different to what your smart phone does. In fact it’s a watered down and limited piece of tech compared to your smartphone.

    I just don’t see it added value to my life. maybe I’m wrong so I’m looking forward to your comments.

    • KiwiBri

      I am lookign for a fitness tracker, and thought the Apple watch may be good for that due to the accurate sensors. The price is the barrier right now.. hard to justify that much . I was looking at FitBit Charge/HR and UP2/3 as well.
      I did try the Apple watch on Friday and was pleasantly surprised at the build quality and how light it was. The emoji and heartbeat gimmicks make me cringe.

  • JB

    LMFAO at this article.