Apple Watch Tips & Tricks


  • cartfan88

    Any fixes for the hideous look of it?

    • Tim M

      yea, buy a Timex

    • Domino67

      True that! Lol

  • It’s Me

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    • awhite2600

      You forgot:
      “Does it work with BB10?”
      “My Moto 360 is better.”
      “When is version 2 coming out?”
      “Apple fanboys suck.”
      “Is it compatible with Windows Phone?”

    • It’s Me

      Also all good ones.

    • Eli_Vance

      So it doesn’t bother you that this site has become nothing more than an Apple iWatch blog in recent weeks? The way they are plugging the device you would think Tim Cook is dropping off bags of money on Mobilesyrup’s doorstep

    • It’s Me

      It hasn’t, no need to exaggerate. There has been definitely an influx which happens around most major product releases, especially from Apple. Good and bad, Apple has always received more coverage than others.

      Happens at MS, and every other tech site and most mainstream sites. Not because of bias, not because of payoffs. There has always been more interest, and so more coverage, about Apple.

      If I was new to the Internet that might bother me.

  • MR D

    you can also store music on it. but i guess everyone knows that.

  • Leda

    Thank god it doesn’t have a headphone jack… connecting your head to your wrist would be unusual

    • Unless you’re wearing long sleeves and just run the cord up the sleeve. I think that’s what people with the iPod nano/watch.

    • Mike R

      Bluetooth works

  • downhilldude

    Here’s a tip: Don’t buy one!