Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia Play & arc launching late April, $99.99 on 3-year


  • bummy

    wo…. $99!

  • thilan29

    And the off contract prices are?

  • Nick

    It seems like companies aren’t charging as much for new phones as they used to… I thought it was because dual-cores were coming, but even the Atrix got discounted pretty quickly. Kinda makes me wonder if there’s enough market pressure to bring things down to $0 on a 3-year or (gasp!) decent subsidies on 2-year plans. Unlikely, but a guy can hope…

  • Big 3

    Big 3’s 1 to 2 year contract subsidies are like nothing($100 off). They basically make you either buy it or get it on a 3-year contract(about $400 off)

    It’s best if you bought the cell phone from outside of Canada so that it’s unlocked and doesn’t contain provider apps(and also update directly from manufacturer)

  • Matt

    3 years is just too long, like really. I’d much rather pay $200 on a two year contract.

    • Jim

      Totally agree! I used to work at a Rogers and people just don’t realize this. They would honestly not understand and be like, “but $99 is a better deal, I’m going to do that”. But what they don’t get that the cost that you pay for your phone is NOTHING compared to your monthly bill!

      I would definitely pay $200 for this on a two year. That saves me roughly $720, a whole year of cell phone bills.

  • Ari

    wow prices look good.

  • zorxd

    $45? Did they lower smartphone plans from $50 to $45 or I am missing something? Some fees maybe?

  • finnith

    Looks like the Arc will be my next phone.

  • Rich

    Not really a Sony Ericsson fan, but the cameras on their phones are typically top notch.

    • andy c

      the only reason i was considering this phone was for the camera. the other phone i’m looking at is the Nexus S

      from the reviews so far it seems that the Nexus S camera is on par with the Arc’s. looks like the Arc is out of the running unless the NS comes in at some stupid price on a 3 year

  • XER

    I think this is the right step in a good direction. I could see that if there weren’t fierce competition out there, it would be 149 or so on 3 year contract with minimum $55 plan.

    However, the Canadian telecom space still has a long way to go. Free call display would be the first to go!

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    MmMM strange… I just called them and the girl said to me that their is nothing about pre-order for the new xperia line in is system… and nothing on for pre-order

  • swigg

    isn’t this much better than an iphone play games and enjoy android all without ios. awesome.



    The others are just mad that the small 3 don’t have any exciting phones in their lineup!!!!!


  • Realcity

    Still very good prices for the type of devices