HTC “Flyer” tablet to be released by TELUS


  • barry

    unibody is nice, but why does HTC keep making devices with the ugly plastic top and bottom covers on the back?

    • Labrat

      You need to have a place to put your antennas. The unibody acts as a Faraday cage.

      Now I agree this could be done more tastefully, the new Desire S is a step in the right direction IMHO

  • pr0cs

    The device seems sort of lackluster, at least from the Engadget previews and video. If the price is good compared to the top end tablets from Samsung, Motorola, LG they may have a chance but if HTC prices it high (like a lot of the Android tablets coming out) they will have a difficult time selling it based off a simple comparison on hardware and features.

    Not coming out with Honeycomb seems like a pretty big mistake to me. I suspect this also means that HTC will forgot the vanilla Honeycomb and try skinning it with Sense once they’re ready for 3.0, which also seems like a mistake.

    So far HTC has been a pretty big disappointment based off what I’ve seen at MWC.

    • Android Zorro

      U say this tablet is a disappointment? HOW?

      its got 1gb ram, 32gb storage, 1.5ghz clock speed, runs gingerbread with custom sense, has new and hopefuly useful stylus to give best of both worlds input controls

      This tablet is even better then the galaxy tab and thats one hell of a amazing 7″ tablet

      get ur facts right commenter

  • geoff

    Great another phone pretending to be a tablet. These tablet OS’s still are no better then are phones and don’t offer much to justify caring a phone and tablet around.

    • Sub-Joker

      I agree with you. most of those who buy tablets do it because they want to not because they need to. I honestly would think a tablet is a good idea if it was prices in the 200 to 300 range (not 600 to 800 range).

      seriously, I can get a real 10″ laptop/tablet computer that runs windows (which makes it compatible with every software out there). dual core, and all of that available on laptops for that price range. why would I pay the same money for some over-sized phone that doesn’t make phone calls??

    • SquareNinja

      This is actually a reply to Sub-Joker, and Geoff too, I guess.

      You guys must not see the big picture here… First, a little history; a netbook was merely a transitional type of device between traditional laptops and the new tablets that are finally maturing. The tablet device is now ready to be mass-market and will completely replace the laptop – no questions about it.

      I, for one, don’t want to keep suffering the ergonomic misery that the laptop provides on a daily basis. With the new touch-screens, a dedicated keyboard is just a waste of space. Furthermore, laptops are extremely cumbersome compared to tablet computers. The purpose of a laptop is to be portable… and it has been trumped by the tablet device.

      Sure, tablets are a bit expensive now, but so were laptops not too many years ago. They will come down in price, without a doubt.

      And sure, a tablet computer is pretty much identical to a smartphone, save for the size. But, size makes a difference!

  • Dan J

    Am I the only one who thinks “MEH” ?

  • William

    Personally, I think the stylus pen differentiate them sufficient. Right now, I still think taking notes with cellphone or even iPad is a bit pain in the neck. If they can allow pen writing experience to come to tablet, possibility is unlimited. Note that the fact they disable finger touch is even better because everyone typically rest part of their hand on the surface when writing, so you don’t want that to kick off any writing.

    I for one, am excited about this product.

  • stinny

    Yes, it’s disappointing to see another Galaxy Tab style tablet rather than the full on 10″ version. I am still somewhat impressed by this one though. I really like the design, HTC’s proprietary software is usually the best out of all the manufacturers and the Scribe looks super wicked. I would love to take this tablet to class and take notes with a pen. Being in a diagram heavy program, the ability to draw freehand is huge.

    • Tom

      Disagree: I tried someone’s Tab for a couple of weeks and I can say that I love the 7″ form factor.

      The only things I don’t like about the Tab is the fear that they won’t upgrade the OS to 2.4, and the use of a proprietary docking connector (instead of PDMI as used by the Streak).

      If you want 10″ tablet there will be plenty – I’m dissapointed by the lack of 7″ honeycomb tablets.

    • Android Zorro

      wrong. 10″ are not better then 7″ tablets. other way around.

      use both for a week and then post again.

      try holding 10″ tablet in bed to read books or chat with friends or write emails or anything. you will be angry fast with tired wrists.

      7″ tablet in landscape is the future.

  • cody

    Best tablet to date 🙂

  • Blasterfi9

    Wait….. 2.4…. already, didnt aren’t we just gettin 2.3. Im all for updates, but considering how long it takes for phone makers to actually freakin update their damn phones this is getting ridiculous

  • Len

    I had so much hope for the HTC tablet. HTC is my Android of choice but for me, the 7″ not 10″ is the deal breaker. Lack of honeycomb not so much as that’s what rooting is for.

    HTC will come out with a 10 inch I’m sure… hope it’s soon as this is the year were gonna see tablets start taking off.

  • Marc

    reminds me of an HTC wildfire

  • Jesse

    Garbage device, especially with HTC piled on top of it.

  • Jesse

    *HTC Sense

  • Jean-Michel

    I wish people knew how fun the pen can be for people who actually USE the tablet i.e. take notes or draw sketches.

    There WILL be apps that will only register the pen input between, and not the fingers input.


    Very beautiful deveice. In fact I find this tablet even more atractive than the Apple Ipad. The Ultimate Question is: How much will it be…

  • Andrew

    Any device that allows you to add/swap memory is a plus over any Apple product. The pen is a great addition.