Aviva Canada introduces ride sharing insurance coverage in Quebec

Canadians understand that despite what procedures are in place for the rest of the country, Quebec is usually the exception. This trend means that when planning ride sharing insurance plans for other provinces, Quebec was usually left out of the discussion.

Today, Aviva Insurance announced that it’s developed an affordable insurance product that would “bridge the insurance gap in Quebec.”

As ride sharing becomes an increasingly popular way to travel with the rise of companies like Uber, insurance companies are beginning to think about how to alter their coverage to address this trend.

Previous reports indicate that the coverage is an add-on to the company’s personal auto policy which insures drivers who spend 20 hours or more per week in the car. The cost for additional features will be determined through factors like hours spent ride sharing, driving record and the area driven.

“We have developed a simple and affordable product designed for Quebec drivers and passengers that will give them absolute peace of mind while ride-sharing, if the government goes ahead with a dual regulation regime and pending regulatory approval,” said Martin-Eric Tremblay, Senior Vice President for Quebec and Atlantic Canada for Aviva Canada in a statement sent to MobileSyrup.

“We’re thrilled to be providing innovative insurance solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of Quebec consumers.”

At the beginning of 2016, Aviva announced ride-sharing coverage created for services like Uber across the province of Ontario and filed for regulatory approval in Alberta.

Aviva Canada’s ride sharing insurance plan for Quebec will become available in the province Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).

The company made clear both in January and today that this move is not an endorsement of Uber or any ride-sharing company, but rather a proactive response to current market trends.

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