BlackBerry R10 leaks again, now in black and with rumoured specs


  • skullan

    Not bad, if it has a MicroSD slot, we’re in business.

    • JT Teran

      It does. Right hand side of the device. Next to where the microSIM goes in. Expandable with 64GB sd

  • TronicsCity

    looks toyish, as if Blackberry is backtracking to 90’s model of design instead of moving forwards to designs that appeal more to customers.

    • r0v3rT3N

      It looks better than its only competition…
      The Nokia Qwerty Asha 210…

    • Tommy Crosby

      Asha phones aren’t smartphone, it don’t compare nor competition with BBs on the direct level.
      It’s just the same layout.

    • r0v3rT3N

      They are both low level devices.

  • Julius

    thats really expensive for what they are offering…

    • Stephen

      Because dumb ppl with money will buy them

  • silver_arrow

    Hey if they can hit a $0 on contract and around $400 outright they are in business. I know a lot of people have been put off by the price of the Q10 which is the old Bold model and they are waiting on the new Curve, the cheaper one

    • Faizan

      $400 is quite a lot for a Blackberry, A sub $200 outright price is the only way to go. The only reason people would buy this if they needed a physical keyboard and dont want to pay for the Q10. I mean for $400 you can get a very decent Android, even a brand new S3 will run rings around this.

    • Mandy Watford

      Your a moron . Yeah let’s get a sub par Andriod phone for cheaper that the manuf. won’t even upgrade or put the money into upgrading it to the latest version of Andriod. Andriod phones are cheap and you can get them dirt cheap because after you buy them 75 percent of them will never ever be upgraded past the version that is installed on them !

    • Faizan

      Ever heard rooting, custom roms and doing what ever you want with the phone ? Nope, you haven’t on a BB.

    • TEERap MoneyGang

      Your delusional buddy. The z10 sells for 599-699 outright and q10 even more. Just because you wouldn’t pay for it doesn’t mean it ain’t worth it. There in the business of making money not goiving s**t away almost free like Microsoft.

    • Faizan

      An you are in the business of throwing money away ? You are almost defending that things should be expensive.

  • superfly

    This is such a thick device

    • Mandy Watford

      And you know it’s thick because you have seen one in person ? You have held one in your hand ? The reality is in a 3rd world country purchasing extra batteries are not an option . Thinner does not mean better. Thinner means disposable . Thicker means a more durable phone .

    • Julius

      So what you are saying is having a thicker phone gives it a better battery life? Thats why a lot of the super thin android phones have a much larger battery capacity than this clunker? And i’m not sure where the notion of thinner = disposable comes from because ALL high end phones regardless of brand are THINNER. If anything giving a phone a cheap plastic look would be considered disposable

    • Mandy Watford

      What I mean by thinner means disposable is that the thinner a phone is the less durable it is period. When you drop a super thin phone on the ground it usually takes an extreme beating and in some cases costs more to fix the phone then replace it .. Hence the term disposable. Have you ever been to india ? Or china ? Or Africa ?? Most people have extremely cheap cell phones and they don’t walk around with an otterbox case or screen protectors and most do not have cars that they can just charge the phone every few hours. Get out of your box and into reality ..!!!! Cellphones are used as a tool for 95 percent of those countries and that is it. Higher end phones are for the rich there and are a status symbol .

    • Julius

      lol you need look up the definition of disposable vs. delicate or fragile. These are entirely different words.

      For the record I am from a 3rd world country and I see your point but you don’t make a whole lot of sense with your word choice.

  • Grant Jeffrey

    So really, you’re getting a not as slick q10 with a worse camera for about half price. Not too bad.

  • anjew

    if it retains 100percent of q10’s keyboard functionality and feel, its going to be a hit.

    • Stephen

      A hit compared to what they’ve had lately sure but there’s no way this thing sells more than a couple thousand

  • Stephen

    Hey look, it looks like… every other garbage BlackBerry ever made.

    Dead. On. Arrival. Just like the Q10 and the Z10 before it.

    • Steve

      Tell me you work at microsoft. Tell me please…

  • PT

    non-removable battery? Retard in Motion!

  • disqus_AhIAuwRZ2H

    That thing is uglier then me.

  • Ren596

    i was Expecting A Bit more

  • sam

    Blackberry didn’t understand the market yet or they just don’t want to understand the people. I’m a canadian and I love BB. However when they release these type of phones as entry level they need to understand the phones in the market. There are many basic devices has more features. For example, about 80% phones has both rear and front camera. Work with major companies to bring their apps like netflix etc. AVOID that BIG basal cover the Display. It makes the screen really smaller even it is 3.1 inches. No need for that BIG blackberry sign below the display(above the key board). Put it somewhere else and make the screen bigger plz.

    • Chris

      I believe the big blackberry logo below the screen has to be there considering that’s how you close an application. Remember, no home button. But i agree, poor design. That spot is really ugly.

  • villain

    sad that companies fake “leak” images and became so transparent. second pic with the spark logos is sad

    • mark tanner

      I could not said it better myself.”Leaking” images is the new advertising of the day.

  • Bbryisghey

    Nasty piece of trash from a sinking ship company. Nuff said.

  • Phil Taylor

    Harbingers of doom seem to be out to get RIM. I hope RIM makes it.Canadian product, Canadian jobs.

    • Ren596

      Yes I Hope They Make It As Well