Bell and Virgin Blackberry Torch 9800 update to OS now available


  • chris vassos

    I think you messed up and put another number when you said it was bumped from because where I’m from, 706 is less than 3049. :p

    • theturtle

      I think where your from they have yet to send you to school. .7 is bigger than .3347584759

      No matter how many numbers you put after the 3.

  • bob

    whats new about the update?

  • Cancuckle215

    Update or not, it’s still a Blackberry. 🙂

  • Blah blah blah

    Is every little crapberry software update really worth posting?
    And this is comi from a be user.

  • Brian

    @bob and anyone else wondering what’s new about the update…
    I have no idea what the specifics are. But I am one of those suckers stuck with the Torch 9800 which has run horribly slow to the point of constant frustration over the last few months (believe me, it’s not just me. my wife has one and a good friend too — all experiencing the same problems)

    I installed this update on mine and my wife’s BB9800’s and everything just seems to run better. The graphics feel smoother when scrolling, youtube videos open up quickly and without the ‘spinny thing of doom’… I can now wonder away from my WiFi network and still access the internet — none of this was possible yesterday.

    Very strongly recommend this update for anyone else who is stuck with a Torch 9800 on a 3-yr contract.