Top Canadian stories from the past week, plus other news from around the web

Below are the top mobile stories that surfaced in Canada over the past seven days. New device announcements and even a few OS updates. In addition, we’ve also included some notable news from around the web:

– HTC Canada extends $100 trade-in offer to One buyers [Read here]
– BlackBerry Z10 Battery Charger Bundle Review [Read here]
– TELUS says BlackBerry OS 10.1 is expected in March [Read here]
– Rogers now expecting Sony Xperia T Jelly Bean upgrade to arrive “Early March” [Read here]
– Sony Xperia Tablet Z Hands-on (video) [Read here]
– Bell and Virgin HTC One S upgrade to Jelly Bean now available [Read here]
– Bell to release the Novatel MiFi 2 in March [Read here]
– WIND, Mobilicity and Vidéotron Galaxy Note 2 Jelly Bean upgrade now available [Read here]
– HTC One can now be reserved via Rogers Online Reservation System [Read here]
– WIND BlackBerry Z10 now available [Read here]
– Rogers HTC One priced at $149.99 on a 3-year [Read here]
– Diamond Taxi iPhone app now available [Read here]
– What’s new in the BlackBerry Z10 software update [Read here]
– Fido launches the Samsung Galaxy SII LTE and the Galaxy Ace IIx [Read here]
– Carriers will now have “meaningful local consultation” before they install a cellphone tower [Read here]
– PC Financial Mobile Banking app for Android now available [Read here]

Around the web:
– Evernote: Service-wide Password Reset [Evernote]
– Judge orders new Apple vs. Samsung trial to reevaluate $450.5 million in damage [Engadget]
– BlackBerry Z10 Won’t be Sold by Sprint; Opting for Q10 Only [N4BB]