Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

The Sony Xperia Z is taking on the iPad and other premium Android tablets with claims of “thinnest,” “lightest,” “sharpest,” and “best.” We had a chance to take a look at the company’s newest flagship slate, which does away with the folded paper design on the back in favour of a cleaner, sharper and, ultimately, more professional-looking style.

Running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, the Tablet Z has a 10.1-inch 1920×1200 pixel screen, a 1.5Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC, 2GB RAM, 16-32GB internal storage, a 8MP back Exmor R camera sensor, a 2MP front Exmor R sensor, and a number of familiar of Sony-branded apps. It’s 6.9mm thin and weighs a slight 495 grams.

The device we used was not running final software, so we can’t say for certain whether it will retain its legacy tablet interface or whether it will adopt, as Google hopes, the new simplified layout of the Nexus line. There were also a number of slowdowns and visual bugs, but the Sony reps reassured us there would be many improvements before the launch in Q2.

Apps like the universal remote feature and being able to push content wirelessly from the tablet to various accessories and televisions make the Xperia Tablet Z a versatile second screen.

Not only is the device light enough to hold with one hand, the slim bezel makes it far less awkward to use in portrait mode than most 16:10 tablets. The contrast levels are far better than even the Nexus 10 and Retina iPad, though we’ll wait until we have a review unit for the final word on that.

Of course, the Xperia Tablet Z, like its smartphone counterpart, is water resistant (IP57) and dustproof (IP55), which is a large improvement over the Xperia Tablet S, which had to be recalled due to issues with water ingress.

The Xperia Tablet Z is available for $499 for the 16GB WiFi model and $599 for the 32GB WiFi model. Stay tuned for more details.



  • Rickyb

    I wonder what size battery they were able to squeeze into such a small frame? No matter what it is….. add a mm and bump the battery. The skinny wars are going too far. It is actually difficult to hold such tiny devices (Bias opinion from someone with big hands)

    • Sd Card?

      No Sd card @ $500= FAIL!

    • Tom

      “The skinny wars are going too far.”

      I mostly agree with you, but I like the ‘skinny’ bezel.

    • Tomatoes11

      I disagree, as the sales of the Ipad mini and all the smaller tablets show, the 10.1 inch sector has to follow the Xperia Tablet Z or they are dead in the water.

      Once people use this and realize that it is almost light as a 7 inch and even thinner + retina, then people will want it badly. Once it drops from $499 that is. This will sell like hot cakes once it hits $399 or below.

      4000 mah should be more than enough for the S4 pro + 1900 x 1200 if 2100 mah is good enough for the S$ pro 1900 x 1080(droid DNA).

    • Beyonce

      Actually, holding lighter devices is easier, even with big hands. Even with phones these days, the battery is still heavy if you’re holding it up for longer than 20 minutes. Say you’re laying in bed watching a movie, you’ll get tired of holding it up. The skinner tablets and phones are, the lighter they are and the better it is for viewing at longer periods. Batteries these days also last basically a whole day, unless you constantly use it. So, I say let’s get skinner devices and push the boundaries, instead of making things heavier and heavier.

  • wotzit2ya

    Glad Sony is making a comeback , am from the old Sony ” walkman ” era generation lol

  • iphoneeeeeeeeee


    • wotzit2ya


  • iphoneeeeeeeeee’s bro


  • til-bar

    When submerged in water, there are an awful lot of bubbles coming from the top….I’m not so sure about this water resistance trend with Sony devices.

    • Bungled

      Yeah, i noticed that too, made me cringe a bit.
      I was also a bit worried that they didn’t take it out to show you that the device is still working…
      That being said, i’m sure the devices shipped will be fine and if there is an issue, they will honour their waterproofing guarantee like they did for the last tablet.

    • tomatoes11

      Just marketing to me. I would never submerge a 500 Tablet into the water either way. Its like boom sound, beats audio, or ultra pixels. Who really cares…

  • BRAD !!

    Looks like a fantastic device.

    Battery life is not make or break on a tablet its not your phone what your going to be on your phone the majority of the time so do you really need your tablet lasting 20 hours plus…..not really id be happy with 8 hour battery life anything after that is gravy

  • rockman

    Not hating on Sony (I’m a HUGE Sony fan)…

    But my Nexus 4 has the same processor and RAM kekeke 🙂

    That said it’s still a great processor for a tablet 🙂

  • nick

    thats pretty sexy!

  • Larry

    I think there is a micro-SD slot in this tablet (for up to 64Gb cards). When it comes to integration, I wonder if it will work in conjunction with PS3/PS4 and the Z/ZL phones? I don’t think there is a need to spend 499/599 on a new tablet just to use it as a remote control.

  • Nexzen

    Nexus tablet costs $409 so it’s understandable at $499 for now. Hopefully google will push the 10″ market to a lower price with their nexus lineup even further in the future.

    • Gman

      not likely, nexus are harder to get initially and not very popular among the general market, on top of that, no extra features like water proof and dust resistance, not the lightest thinnest of anything. Battery for this was confirmed to be 6000 mAh a while ago I think, for S4pro its should be decent.

    • tomatoes11

      What? I am not following. So it is understandable that a 1900 X 1200 tablet with a cell phone SOC is $499 because a 2560 X 1600 tablet with an A15 tablet SOC is $409? Does not compute.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Android OEMs need to think hard before pricing their products in the price range of an iPad. IPad is ruling the tablet market bec of its ecosystem , bec of apps that are made only for iPad.
    Until that happens in android Play store , I am sorry android tablets will only hain momentum if they are priced lower than the iPad not same as the iPad.
    Look at Nexus 7 , it’s selling like hot cake why bec the price is way lower tha makesit much more affordable.

  • jb

    too bad this doesnt run BB10…..i’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  • Mike

    When is sony going to sell us an Android app to push content to their televisions and PS3??????? I’m sick of this buy all our products game!

  • wtv

    Do want.