BlackBerry Z10 Battery Charger Bundle Review


  • Nate

    Awesome idea!!

    • tom

      Apple – Take notes!!!!

  • phone guy

    If only they made the z10’s battery life last longer then they wouldn’t need to sell this crap

    • Dale

      The latest OS update improved the battery life significantly. I got 16hours before it completely died on me (I was trying to run the battery out, so the last 10% or so I was playing videos)

      My usage was game playing, apps, browsing, musoc (moderate use I would guess)

      Today I took it off the charger at 8:15 am and it is 3:00pm now and I am at 66% with moderate use again

  • Nate

    Yeah that’s it, it’s only blackberry smartphones that batteries don’t last a full day?? They just prepare for it

  • Raid

    Neat device. Would definitely be handy for those power users who can’t necessarily get to a power source for an extended period of time.

    Mind you, the updates that Blackberry did on the Z10 recently has increased the battery life. Still testing that out but it seems like it has improved.

  • Nickn

    This is pathetic!

    • sp

      you are pathetic.

      go around with your iPhone/N4 without a charger and see how long you last. then with no charger in sight, figure out how you are gonna power your device.

      while the Z10 owners look at you, laugh and plug their phone into the charger or pop in a new battery to keep going about their day.

      SGS2/3/Note1/2 users also will look at you and chuckle when they can put another replacement battery into their device as well.

      go pathetic!!! we choose you!!

    • Johentie

      your pathetic!!
      what device do you use? lets hear it! how long does your battery last?? hahahahahahaha

      At least BB gives you something to help with the battery life.. along with some kick a*s battery improvements to make your battery last even longer!

      how does it feel that my 1800 battery lasts 16-18 hours np after the update

      and yours barely lasts 8! u have an android where you gotta ROOT, install a new ROM with a nice little kernel to even get 10 hrs?

      or do you own an iphone where the battery doesnt even come out!? where over time your battery just dies out quickly and u can’t even replace it!

      so yes you are pathetic

    • LeafsFan77

      Companies like Morphie have been making cases for iPhones and SGS3s that are battery packs (Juice Pack) and sell for $80+.

      BB just created one that is universal for anything (well except the iPhone line) with the micro-USB connection. It’s not a bulky case and can you be handy for anyone on the go for any device. It’s small enough to be really portable.

      Don’t have blind hate just because it’s made by BB.

  • luca

    BB have fixed the battery issue with bb10 OS update

  • markus_13

    Great addition to have as this is a very versatile device, you can simply swap out batteries, charge using the bundle(not near power source/ have large casing on) and you can also charge both batteries at the same time .

    It is nice to always have two batteries available if needed and love the fact I don’t have to be connected to a plugin with my phone.

    With regards to battery use the update has improved it significantly for me so far, running over 20 hours moderate use with over 50% left. Gf iPhone 5 had to be plugged in over an hour ago with the same moderate usage

  • John

    And all the razr hd users can easily last a day with moderate use and the razr maxx users can do the same with heavy usage.

  • freestaterocker

    My Ativ S can do over twenty hours of moderate-heavy usage quite easily, and can hit two days handily if I go easy on it. And then there’s always the spare battery option if I go on a road trip and leave the charger at home. All-day battery life should never be an issue for a modern smartphone. Motorola figured it out with the Razr Maxx, and new devices like the Note 2 have this handled as well.

  • Nate

    HAHA the Note 2! it’s almost the size of a tablet, sure it lasts a day because it’s twice the size of the average smartphone, meaning twice the battery size

    • Olerius

      Your logic is flawed. A larger display on the Note (or Note II) also means a larger draw to power the screen. Depending on your settings, the larger battery ~roughly~ offsets the additional drain, meaning no appreciable difference.

  • the handsome one

    Got a Mugen power battery for my original note. No problems for me. 5400 mah instead of the stock 2500 mah. Never buy a phone without removable battery…

  • Jesse

    No bones about it or anything, but I took my iphone5 off the charger at 7:45am or so and it’s currently 7:22pm and I’m at 71% battery. I haven’t heavily used it but I have used it throughout the day… No hate I’m just sayin…

  • Happyboy

    I have the iPhone 5 and I get the hole day on my battery now that I torn off lte

    • BlackBerry N10

      …the hole day…

    • GoRimGo

      why would you need to tear off LTE? it’s one of the features of a new device in 2013!

      with LTE on, 100% brightness, wifi on all day

      i get 16 -18 hours with the new OS update yesterday…

      not flaming.. just saying you shouldnt have to compromise your features to get more battery…

  • Dogg

    Interesting device although I guess I don’t need it. I haven’t gone below 60% in a day yet on my Z10, even before the latest update.

  • Johentie

    I was going to buy this…

    but with the new OS i have mentioned i get 16-18 hours np..


    it’s 1:10am … took it off the charger at 8am.. so that’s 17 hours.
    100% brightness
    LTE on for about 80% of the time
    on Wifi for the other 20%
    Wifi is on all the time so it connects automatically
    listen to music for about 2 hours
    made about 10 phone calls
    some browsing

    i am at 24%

  • qwert

    How many shxt can this phone make you buy – holyfxk, I want to save money not burning it – this is how they pay u back for supporting Canadian business.

  • Guru

    Must buy if u plan to travel. Otherwise take a charger with you or USB cable if carry a laptop.

  • hoo dat

    Before the update I’ve been getting pretty decent battery life. My phone goes on around 6:30am and goes off around 10:30pm and I’ve normally got around 15% after moderate use. It’s too early to say how the up date has affected battery life overall for me but so far it looks to be slightly better. As with all modern phones it all depends on how you set it up. Once I start travelling for business later this month I’ll need that charger bundle; my use goes from moderate to extra heavy but that would be true of any phone I would use. The ability to switch batteries is something I cannot live without.

  • Jesse

    It has to do with what you use your phone for, my wife has the Z10 I’ve got iphone5 and we both use our phones moderately throughout the day for texting, calls, occasional picture taking and game playing, some web browsing and stuff, and after the novelty of having a new phone wore off and we settled into everyday use… Both of our phones are equal with my iphone5 being marginally better by around 5% more battery power per day… I think all phones consume power differently depending on how you use them the most and what they’re optimized for… No reason to flame

  • Richard

    I have sgs 3 with battery pack. I will not accept a phone without a battery replacement. I work construction and I’m in and out of my truck all day some days. I’ve got better things to do than have to charge my phone. When I get low I just change the battery out and never worry. Either way screw any design that does not let you change the battery. Full brightness for me guys!

  • MikethemaN

    @Nate: a battery charger is an “awesome idea”?!!!

  • MikethemaN

    @johentie: you are one ignorant mother******.
    What are you twelve? iPhone batteries are dirt easy to replace. The thing is though, they almost never need replacing. Your buying a new phone before the battery has exceeded it’s useful lifetime. And of not? Ten bucks and 5 minutes is all you need. Oh, that and a 1 dollar pentalobe screwdriver. Get a clue before spouting of others regurgitated nonsense.

  • Neener

    junk accessory.

  • Nathen

    This is an Ugly battery pack.

  • rvichar

    Absolutely essential for this phone.

  • brendanhohoho

    The BlackBerry Z10 offers a slick, multitasking-friendly interface, killer keyboard and one-stop shop for messaging and social networking, but BlackBerry needs to work out some kinks.