TELUS says BlackBerry OS 10.1 is expected in March, plus Jelly Bean for Galaxy Note now coming in April


  • JW

    HOLY F! The third push back for the S IIx. WTF

    • WTF Telus!

      Not even TWO HOURS AGO:

      HTC One S -In Telus LAbs-Expected in Market Date(EMD) Jan 2013!

      Samsung S2x- Testing Pending- EMD Feb 2013

      Galaxy Note- Testing Pending- EMD Feb 2013

      And there were no other devices in the list!!
      Now the Rugby LTE comes bthe same time the One S; efore the S2x and the NOTE??
      They kept on pushing back the Ones S (They are the only one that doesn’t have it in Canada) and as for the S2x: the same!

      Both devices can rubn Jelly Bean 4.2.2 from Cyanogenmod and AOKP, but Telus puts BB at shame with delay over delay. Another reason to NEVER SIGN 3 yr contrtacts.

      Its more than evident that Telus “thinks” that they are in charge of a CDMA world or something like it: Selling you wath they want, upgrading at the last possible moment while pushing you to upgrade (buy a newer phone) because your “old” phone is dated.
      Thanks god for CM and AOKP. But at the same time this is another reason to BYOD. N4, international versions etc.
      Shame on you Telus!

    • WTF Telus!

      Nice way of Spinning it Syrup!

      The title should have been:

      ” Telus HTC One S and S2x get their upgrade delayed..again”

      -Why is a Z10 in the cover

      -If both the HTC One S and the Z10 are in “Testing Pending” “March 2013” ….you know when the upgrade will arrive to the Z10! (The One S had a Jelly Bean coming soon during Xmas to boost sales, its March and they still haven’t)

    • bobblehead

      What’s TELUS have to do with it? It’s not their fault but the device maker. It would say “in TELUS labs” like the Rugby LTE if it was still with them

  • Khav

    From my experience with Telus firmware updates (specifically, the HTC Hero), if the Blackberry update comes out in March, you should expect it by October at the ealiest.

  • the handsome one

    It just goes to show you, that when they first give you an update date they really are blowing smoke out their a$$! Incredible to say the least. The option to root is still there people…

  • thenixter

    This is such a load of crap. So much for updates arriving in the coming weeks. More like not happening…

  • Jamie

    I love hearing Android users complain about not getting their updates. You all bought a phone where the software maker is separate from the hardware maker. Android could care less if your galaxy s 2x or what ever get the new updates. Your phones are a dime a dozen and Google knows it. There is a reason you paid less for it than a comparable blackberry or iphone.

  • Unimpressed

    By the time my s2x get 4.1 the s4 will be obsolete…

  • Dr.Hugo

    Wow alot of cry babies here , like a daycare WAAAAAAA!! WAAAAAA!!

    • robinottawa

      I have a Rogers’ Nokia N8 with Anna on it. Belle came out a year ago. Seems pretty standard operation and well worth complaining about.

  • Donald


    Pretty much. No android phone, even the Nexus devices, has received an update (security or not) after the 2 year mark. It’s pretty sad. The “failure” of a playbook has been updated for longer than the nexus phones.


    It’s good it’s being pushed back. It’s the last update it’ll ever receive so you want it to be as good as possible

  • Rick

    I have an unlocked Note and I received OTA the 4.2.1 update today and it seems to work as promised.

    • robinottawa

      Hi, is that the n7000 version? Does “as promised” mean it can handle the new OS, or that the upgrade came as promised? thx

  • the handsome one

    @Jamie…. At least we don’t receive an update every other week due to carelessness and flat out ignorance.. I’d rather be 2 versions behind on my os than to be with Apple.

  • borghead

    First Decmeber for the Galaxy S II X. Then February, Now April? Huh? Why? Oh I get it. They have already sold us our phones so Telus really couldn’t care less about providing an update, no money in it for them. Well, between their expensive plans and their out right lies, they will never, ever see me as a customer again. As soon as this contract is up, I will find a real, customer oriented company. I will even warn anybody who is willing to listen to avoid Telus like the plague.

  • Sterling

    hahaha I love the comments about the Z10 announcement and you guys think that Telus is dropping the update? It’s coming straight from BlackBerry… Telus was just the first to out right say “We hope to have OS10.1 out” because the US gets their Z10’s end of March, so it will be a BlackBerry update that fixes things before the US gets their hands on the devices so it is refined and polished as best as can be before the US launch.

  • Straus

    I’m done with purchasing phones from Telus, even the 10$ a month subsidy isn’t worth it anymore.

  • doug bolster

    Does it really take that long to drop “telus app world” or whatever they’re doing onto JB the S IIx.

  • Brad

    Telus/Koodo says its Samsung who is controlling the software update. Then why do bell and rogers S2’s get it? I know its slightly a different phone but almost same specs…I don’t get it.

    Telus has pulled the S2X from there lineup…it should be a sign. Koodo is still selling them but probably won’t get a update because once they reach koodo its basically EOL.

    Really puts a sour feel in my mouth with Android, Telus and Samsung. When I had my iPhone I got regular updates…at least. Android? Delay delay. I know I can root…but why should I have too?

    • Alexandru


      The S2X Test ROM was already released last year in August or September.
      Check the sammobile web site and you will find the rom there ready for download.
      Otherwise head on to xdevelopers and download one of the roms from there.
      I would recommend Cyanogenmod or Slimbean.

      It is not Samsung’s fault. Is Telus’s fault because they are supposed to test this ROM on their network before giving to Samsung the ok to release the update; and Telus is keep postponing this test for its own reasons…

      I will call Telus about this and I also advice all S2X owners to do the same. It is a shame what Telus does. Delay after delay and no reasons are being given WHY?

      All the best,

  • Quagmire

    #1 Rule in software never take a dot zero release of anything.

  • Mike

    I guess I’m gonna return my Samsung Galaxy S2X to Koodo tomorrow, and get myself the Nexus 4. This sh*t is ridiculous all these updates pushed to months ahead, and once we get into April it’ll get pushed ahead to June and then two months after that. They promised December, then pushed it for February, then their pushing it to April. I’ve had enough of he carriers being in charge of the updates. I’m getting the Nexus 4 cause at least this device will get the updates first and very quickly cause they come directly from Google. I’m never buying an Android Device thats in Carriers control for updates, NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

    • Alexandru


      Definitely return this S2X.
      Just get any new Android device which at least is on JB.

      All the best,

  • Mike

    HUH I know why Telus is releasing the updates at the end of April. Its all because the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming beginning of April, and Telus doesn’t want the old devices having new software updates until the new Galaxy S4 gets into everyones hands first. Its all a money grab. If everyone gets new updates to old devices, then people won’t upgrade their devices to new phones. Its all about selling new phones first, and get all the money and sign new contracts first, then the old customers get their updates. Terrible Telus, terrible way to treat your current customers. Greedy b@sterds.

  • Dave

    Well if 10.1 is going to improve the battery performance and fix more than half of the bugs and add some new features then I’ll get the Z10 rather than the HTC One. Switching carriers will be a bad idea I think. I haven’t had any problems with Fido and they just lower down the price for the Z10 to 250 on contract which is pretty good so yeah..

  • Ozie

    Wtf April for my jelly bean update?…….

  • Artax

    I like my Z10 a lot. Only issues I have are its gmail and calendar issues and the maps app isn’t so great at finding things like google maps can. But it’s still a smooth maps app. The keyboard is awesome, it’s hard to type n my iPad mini, its like going back in time to 2007.

  • ChrisD

    I have 4.2 with CM10.1 on my SIIX. I’ve been very happy with my phone.

    If you’re that hard up for updates, go with a custom ROM. The average consumer doesn’t care one bit about 4.0 vs 4.1 vs 4.2 (*especially* since Touchwiz is layered on top). For those that really really care, they are more than likely capable of installing a ROM themselves.