Bell to release the Novatel MiFi 2 in March


  • Kid.Canada

    Lol I doubt anyone would be able to use it on more than 1 device with bells crappy data cap, 2 max if they use their data wisely.

  • Skumon


    Why the HELL would they put a full touchscreen on a MIFI. I want my MIFI to connect, and last as long as possible. This is terrible design at a sacrifice to function. Painful how stupid these companies are (not Bell, Novatel).

  • superfly

    @skunkmon….. The touch screen is always OFF unless you needed to access it. Idiot.

  • Jv

    I get LTE mobile wifi all over Canada, and my data cap is at 6 gigs. Sooo this device is useless to most people with a decent phone and plan.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    How many people have a decent plan though? And did you ever wonder that maybe, just maybe, it’s not aimed for personal use and more for small companies?

  • ChristopherMP

    I agree this device is useless, get am iPad mini or android tab in 4g or LTE and then you can actually use real apps.

  • ChristopherMP

    And you have a hotspot also.

    • What?

      I dont have hotspot onn my Nexus 7, does yours have it?

  • BellLTE_FTW

    Bell has a plan exclusively for LTE sticks and hubs to give you 10GB of data for $50. That’d be great with this thing! Shut up and take my money!

  • mlander

    Some of the posters are obviously missing the point of this thing. Besides providing mobile access to devices that don’t generally have cellular modems (cameras, printers, whatever), there are other benefits:

    – LTE speeds for phones that don’t have LTE.
    – The ability to buy cheaper hardware. A Nexus 7 costs $50 extra with HSPA, and most other devices carry an even higher premium.
    – Extended battery life for critical devices. Even if you still use your phone for browsing, its charge is going to last longer on Wifi.
    – Single access point = single usage report. If you have 5 different devices using up your data quota, having them all piped through one gateway makes it easier to avoid overage fees (assuming your carrier doesn’t provide access to your numbers)

    • KeithH

      Good points @mlander. A hotspot can also reduce data consumption by acting as a transparent proxy. I don’t know if this particular device performs this function but there is certainly the opportunity to save if one has multiple clients accessing similar websites.