Tbaytel offers up a $50/month Unlimited Talk, Text and 6GB data plan


  • I Like Good Food

    I like this.

    • LadiesMan786

      That’s definitely a Dev Alpha device, not a Z10…

    • EvanK

      I like it too; what I don’t like is the 3 year contract. That being said though, assuming that the cancellation fees aren’t outrageous you always have the option to cancel your contract a year or two in.

  • lol

    That’s not a Z10 lol

    • gjeff12

      Looks like a dev alpha. Way to go ad team!

  • P Willson

    Not too shabby, unfortunately still waiting on next gen phones…. If this is still around when the SGIV, Experia Z, or HTC One get released then I’ll be all over it.

  • deltatux

    Nice, good to see carriers bringing back this promo. Hopefully others will follow suit because I know people who would like to stop paying $65/month for less.

  • gjeff12

    Since when is Thunder Bay “way up north”?

    • @PlazmicFlame

      What’s beyond Thunder Bay? Lol

    • Dan

      It’s only 45 minutes from the American border. Most of the province is north of Thunder Bay.

    • EvanK

      Thunder Bay’s south of the 49th, I wouldn’t consider that “way up north” either. But of course, for Torontonians anything outside of the GTA is a whole other world that they don’t care about 😉

  • Reckful

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but one could live anywhere in Canada to take advantage of this plan. Unlimited calling from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in the U.S or Canada. However, I suspect the 6GB of data is limited to the Tbaytel 4G HSPA network!!! Anybody know for sure?

    • COBwiggy

      You’d have to be in Thunder Bay to order it, you can’t order online – I was thinking the same thing aha, I am pretty sure they just use Rogers network.

    • Dan

      No, the data isn’t limited to Tbaytel. They allow data roaming on Rogers and it comes out of your bucket. At least that’s what the rep at a kiosk told me once.

      You would have to take a phone number in the 807 area code though, and would have to go a Tbaytel dealer (which would be in Northwestern Ontario) in order to sign up.

  • Fark Dot Com

    TBayTel’s network is garbage.

  • Jimbob

    You can use it anywhere with Rogers coverage in Canada with no roaming charges.

  • Jimbob

    Bell has the same plan for thunderbay. Anyone can sign up with a thunderbay mailing address and you can then port in any Ontario number.

  • ace

    + $8 voicemail and another $5 caller display, and a 75c 911 access fee……..

    • Dan

      It includes VM and CD. No idea about 911 though.

    • Adam

      No extra charges except tax. No 911, no GRF, no SAF. The plan includes voicemail, Texting, CID as well as 100 free US roaming texts. Haven’t seen any carriers offer that at a respectable price.

    • Adam

      You can also bring your own device for this plan, you don’t need to sign a contract.

    • Brittany Crocker

      No extra charges for caller ID or voicemail (unlike Bell and Telus), no 911 or system access fees.

      $50 + HST

  • Alex

    @ace I doubt they’re gonna charge extra for VM and CID… Tbaytel is likely just offering the same plan as Bell/Virgin and Telus are offering in Thunder Bay for the past 2+ months. Unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited SMS/MMS, VM, CID, and 6GB data for $50/month. Too bad we can’t really get these plans outside of Thunder Bay. 🙁

  • Ron

    $50 should be standard pricing for this kind of a plan across ALL carriers, no ands, ifs, or buts.

  • S2556

    I would gobble this up if it was on the big 3

  • Dylan.D

    Alright Koodo, you can go ahead and match this offer now. Thanks.

  • David

    It would be cool if they would match this offer for EVERY provinces.

  • shaker

    $40 WIND is laughing at u.

    • David

      In my case, WIND are laughting at me because they don’t cover where I live and I don’t live in a little city (Montreal, approx 5.5M people there)

    • Tom

      @David: Same here. I live in Ottawa, not exactly a small town, and Wind annoyingly doesn’t have any indoor coverage in the area where I work. Even Bell and Telus have poor reception there as well. Until coverage improves, I simply can’t let go of Rogers as much as I’d love to (currently on Fido so I don’t have to see that horrible name in my status bar every day)

  • MattyMattMatt

    I want this in Alberta so bad. Just for the calling alone! I would take a cut to 1GB! Yeah, plans like that are offered, but not with a full subsidy.

    • Mike

      Actually, fido has an unpublished $67 plan that has unlimited Canada wide calling with 1 or 2GB of data (depends on the day, they keep changing it!) and it has full subsidy. You have to be a customer already to get that plan, though. (It’s not retention, they just won’t activate a line on that plan as far as I know.)

  • Ken

    I’ve saved a lot of money since leaving Telus years ago. I had 3 year contracts and paid a lot of money for them. By switching to smoke signals I get everything I need in the way of unlimited communications. LOL

  • Sweet

    $30 Mobilicity is laughing too — unlimited calling to anywhere in Canada & USA, unlimited global texting, and unlimited data (but with a speed quota of 6GB). For an extra $20 I can get unlimited data at full-speed. One of the advantages of living in the city.

    BTW, the government (Mr. Paradis) was at MWC trying to convince foreign telecom companies to invest in the Canadian wireless industry (read: our new carriers). I really hope his efforts bear fruit.

  • Brian

    Tbaytel is the best of the 3 carriers (from a feature standpoint):

    US LD
    100 US Roam SMS
    Call Fowrading

    Bell offers Mobile TV over everyone

    TELUS does not offer international SMS

    • Adam

      Plus at $50 you get CID and voicemail. That’s a $7 feature for Bell and Telus.

    • Brian

      Both Bell and TELUS include CD and VM with this (and Bell includes full VM25 — not sure which TELUS includes)

  • Owen Finn

    MTS – where are you? Your excuse for not offering nation-wide calling is that you are “regional” – well, TBayTel is about as regional as you can get!

  • lol

    If wind is not in Quebec… Is not a wind fault… Is because videotron is the big 4 and control the ads and media via their quebecor world

    • David

      And Videotron are even worst than ROBELUS, seriously, they have only coverage in Quebec (a smaller coverage than ROGERS, I can’t even have coverage everywhere in the province) and they offer bad plans.

      Seriously, 25$ for 100mins local day mins and unlimited for the rest of the time + unlimited texting without call display, I get something better with Koodo which have a wide Canada coverage.

  • Anonymous

    Can I get this plan if I live in Alberta?

  • D

    This is the best phone plan i’ve seen! Koodo please match!!!

  • Crazy Henaway

    I bought out my two existing contracts today and signed on this month to month. Yes, if you bring in your own device, it is NOT a three year contract! I am now a contact-free home! Two lines with unlimited calling, Canada and US long distance, and 6gb of data each for $5 a month more than I was paying for the share 400 plan with no l long distance? There was nothing to lose here!

  • Balls

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