Nexus 7 shipping to Canada in July, 8GB version is $209 and 16GB is $259


  • me

    They said it was coming to Canada for $199…or they said it was coming to Canada?

    • boom

      that all depends if apple tries to take them to court and prevent Google from selling them

    • Loboto

      In July 2012 when you can get a 32GB Class 10 SD Card for $25 it feels nothing but a ripoff to pay $50 or more for 8GB.

      It should have been $199-$250 with no memory onboard.

  • David

    It shows up as $209 (8GB) or $259 (16GB) in the Play Store for me. So it’s $10 more for us, it looks like.

    I also get an error when I try to proceed to the checkout with my order.


      Same here. Currently you can’t buy things (physical) from the play store outside the US, maybe that’s going to change.

    • traktor

      I was just able to place my order for the 16GB version. had to reload the page many times though.

  • ceribaen

    The keynote said 199 available in US, Canada and the UK.

    But I guess they’re saying 199 USD and then bumping the price up to 209 CDN because of ‘exchange rate’.

    Unfortunately we won’t be able to buy a cover for it, because Google geo-ip restricts the accessories/devices side of its store for some unknown reason.

    • David

      In the store, there’s a cover in the “You also might like” section, and I can go to the page for it. It just says it’s not available yet.

  • Justin

    really…no microSD? or did I miss that? 8GB is not close to enough storage even 16GB is pushing it

    • Manbo

      Guess you missed the memo, everything is going cloud storage.
      Then when you run out, you buy more… or get a network drive and your storage problems are solved. (more or less)

  • bob

    199.00 USD = 204.118 CAD (

    $209 CAD is 2.4% over. That’s less than the credit card currency conversion fee so buying in the US isn’t worth it at all.

  • boom

    RIP RI-… Apple

  • Jeeverz

    That is a decent price for the device. Asus makes solid hardware.

    The Nexus Q is a epic fail at $299.

  • BBMan

    no micro sd? really?

    • Justin

      my thought exactly, if a device only has 8GB of storage, microSD is a must, that 8GB will max out quickly

    • soginvl

      Even though 8GB should be enough for me, I’m kinda bummed about the lack of SD card support too.

      Here’s hoping it supports USB OTG, so that I can at least attach a USB drive to it if I needed to.

    • Tom

      They are targeting this device at the sort of consumers who don’t know what a micro-SD card slot is.

      But you are right – 8GB simply isn’t enough.

      Fortunately, there are good options available for those who do know what a micro-SD slot is – and some of them also happen to be from Asus.

  • Jack

    Yeah No Micro Sd card… ?? I wanted to use this tablet for Torrent and Tv-Out Streaming, instead of the laptop… I guess i’ll have to wait for another one

  • Alex

    When are they going to sell the galaxy nexus in Canada unlocked? I would definitely buy one at $350.

    • Michael T. Babcock

      If you buy any phone at full price in Canada, the seller must unlock it for free — its automatic. Just go to a Virgin Mobile kiosk and pick one up at full price if you like, they’re not locked. I know, I bought mine there at Christmas.

      PS then go online and download the official Google ROM so you’re not stuck with Samsung’s slow updates.

  • Mr. Jobs


  • Manbo

    $209 & $259 CAD? Well I was all for it @ $200 & $250, but that’s just too much! ^^

    • bob

      A USD is worth more than a CAD.

  • serpico

    In the title you have : ” Nexus 7 shipping to Canada in July, 8GB version is $209 and 16GB is $259″ .

    In the text , you have : ” … $359 for the 16GB. “

  • Nick

    Can we expect these to be available at major retailers? Im assuming “shipping in July” means to retailers? I hope so…

  • me

    I think you missed the other news: that the Galaxy Nexus has dropped to $350 USD. Too bad you can’t order from Canada.

  • Lawlerballer

    So they shaft everyone with no microSD card support, to me it’s a big deal, 8GB and 16GB is pretty pathetic for a media device and cloud storage isn’t always available to people, especially when it’s a WiFi only machine. And now us Canadians get the shaft and the price is upped an extra $10, it may be only $10 but that’s still $10 more we gotta pay and if it’s being shipped from the US get ready for some hefty customs charges… 🙁

    • Louis Q

      Actually after I ordered it, the shipment is coming from Toronto.

    • Tom

      Globe article yesterday said that economics expect CDN to tank soon. $210 CND might start looking like a pretty good deal.

      But seriously, a $10 difference is no biggie. The big issue is that 8GB is not enough for most of the users here so we gotta pay $260 to get the 16GB. Looks like Google is learning from Apple.

      At least they stuck to standard connectors. For JB they added USB audio out so that USB port can do an incredible number of things now and you don’t have to buy any expensive proprietary connectors.

  • Jr67

    Wait, what’s that sound? Oh, just the death cry of samsung’s aspirations of breaking into the tablet market…well, every android vendor really. Google (and amazon) just sucked all potential profits of of the market.

  • Raied

    Its funny how people are complain about the price tag despite the configuration that this tablet packs!

    • Lawlerballer

      It’s not so much the price tag, but principle of why they’re gonna go ahead and charge an extra $10 for us Canadians. It’s specs are definitely amazing for it’s price, I’d also still prefer a microSD card slot and maybe even at least 1 full USB port.

    • bob

      Ever heard of exchange rate? It’s not an extra $10 for canadians. It’s an extra $5.
      If you don’t like it, you can go to the US (spend a few hours and a lot of gas) and pay an extra $5 to your credit card company as a currency conversion fee. Oops, you end up saving nothing.

  • astudent

    iPod Touch ($200) vs Nexus 7 ($209 + beastly specs vs the ipod)…. its almost impossible to justify the ipod touch as an entertainment device.

    • Derpityherpherp

      But they’re completely different devices.

  • Peebos

    Seriously people are complaining about an extra $10 ? wow..

    This thing is in my shopping cart waiting for the checkout to go through. Hoping it’s just server overload from the demand.

    • sky

      Just ordered mine. I was getting a Server Error on checkout, but it finally went through.

      Money specifications for 16GB bought in Canada:

      Subtotal: CA$259.00
      Shipping: CA$19.99
      Tax: CA$33.67
      Total: CA$312.66

    • Peebos

      My order has been processed after about 12 tries.

      Nexus 7 (16GB): $259.00
      2-day shipping: $19.99
      GST (Alberta): $12.95

      Total: $291.94

      Today is a good day indeed 🙂

    • Lawlerballer

      Extra $10 = more money you’re getting taxed at the end of it all. Once again great tablet for it’s specs, just sucks they went and upped it another $10 for Canadians.

  • Sandman2749

    So…. People want tomorrow’s product (Nexus 7) with yesterdays storage (physical) at a price that previously only bought junk tablets (Cosby, Archos, etc)???? Yup, proof.positive that this is still North America.

  • MJF

    Yeah, that cloud storage works really well on an airplane, or in the Toronto subway where I spend 2 hours a day…

    • Lawlerballer

      What, you mean you don’t have the special always on no matter where you are in the world, airplane, underground subway, no overage charges, no roaming charges unlimited high speed bandwidth? Wow what ancient technology are you still using?! Get with the times, man. Convenient, reliable physical storage, what the hell is that?

  • ceribaen

    I think the main point of this tablet though is to compete directly against the Fire and win back some of that share to get control back over device fragmentation.

    That’s why they pushed the Google Books/Magazines so hard in the Keynote. Demoed ‘whispersync’-like behaviour and such. Think they talked the books aspect up more than the movies or games part.

  • Abe

    Orders have started going through in Canada

  • Canucks4Life

    Will Skype full video/audio be available on this tablet?

  • Platinum

    Curious to see how Blackberry prices the new playbook they’ll be releasing.

    • Camfella

      What’s “Blackberry”?

    • theitguy

      who cares? it could be free and still no one could care any less…blackberry’s days are numbered

  • B.W.

    For everyone complaining about the lack of expandable storage, at least with Android’s USB OTG it’s possible to hook up a card reader or thumb/external drive. Some other, much more expensive tablets that don’t have expandable storage don’t have that option.

    • Ghoul

      Good point, I’d rather not have an umbilical cord sticking out of my tablet, but hey better than nothing.

  • Shawn S

    Ordered mine!

  • EvanKr

    I like the idea of the Q, but at $300? Nobody will buy it, mark it down to $150 and we’ll talk.

    • B.W.

      Yes, the Q needs to be cheaper than the Nexus 7 and XBox360.

    • Marc

      Unless some amazing things come from that USB port they added for “hackability”. I doubt it though

  • jonny

    No card slot and low memory = epic fail.

    I will not buy any device that doesnt have a card slot or at least 32Gb for a decent price. I will not use cloud storage. Huge invasion of privacy, slower, and you cant access it everywhere.

  • Acco

    I think the Q bundles some interesting hardware together. I’m not sure that it’s worth $300… but it is a sleek looking product.

  • Andy Warhol

    I may have missed it, but what are the chances of it coming to a local retailer like best buy/the source, etc? I’d love to save the shipping and possible customs headache, even if it means waiting another couple of weeks

    • Nick

      Yes please… also wondering that… any information??

    • metoo

      It may never be sold in other retailers. Those retailers expect a profit margin . Given Google is selling this at a loss I don’t expect they will want to take an even bigger hit in order to pay the retailers. This thing is being sold at cost at best, so if they want it sold at the same price in Walmart or Bestbuy, they would have to sell it to them for even less.

  • metoo

    Seems as though Google and Amazon have clued into what all the studies show: Android users don’t have the money to spend on hardware. So, both are now selling heavily subsidized tablets. This might actually kickstart the Android tablet market, but only for those manufacturers willing to lose money with every sale.

  • Activesin

    Ordered mine
    16 gb
    So excited, can’t wait for this beast

  • Frank

    Since this tablet is “made for the Play Store” I’d like to know when all features of the store, (GOOGLE MUSIC!!!) will be available in Canada….

  • Alex

    7″ is a little to small. 8-9 is the perfect size, for me. Besides, wish have a 3/4G version too.
    but good thing is Google is in control of selling. but bad thing is I don’t like vanila Android.

    • ceribaen

      Also keep in mind that the Nexus line of products isn’t intended to be the ‘be all’ of its particular type.

      It’s typically been branded as a developer device. Basically saying ‘hey OEMs, make your things at least as good as this’.

      So things like 3G/4G, expandable memory and so forth … Samsung or whoever can come out with their own versions which add these components.

      But as it stands – the tablet market is getting crowded between the iPad, Surface, Nexus 7, and Kindle Fire… and if RIM can for once manage a proper product launch the BB10 Playbook.

      OEMs are going to have to really work on their differentiation and bring some interesting bits to the table if they want to outsell the above.

  • Alex

    Another question, does this have USB OTG? if there’s only 8GB or 16GB, at least have a USB OTG.

  • ED

    I’m gonna wait until the end of July when reviews come out then decide to buy or not 😉

  • Simon

    No microSD !!! Looks like Google is in the “clouds” .. If you read between the lines, they want you to use it as Wifi-Connected as possible, so that they can follow you more often then if you would be offline … Business strategic decision only – period.

  • Peter

    Just ordered my 16gb version! It plus jellybean for my Galaxy Nexus means July is gonna be a good month!

  • Brent M

    I hope these are sold in store. Being aboriginal I get a tax cut. But that tax cut does not apply to online sales

  • Boojay

    Trying it out now and it’s blazing fast! Seems to be glitch free so far, but the lack of flash will keep me from using it as default.

  • Canadian Resident

    I keep getting server issues upon checkout. How are you guys getting through? Just refreshing? Or signing out and in again? Thanks for any help if anyone replies.

    • Canadian Resident

      Nevermind! Just tried it all over again. It’s all good! Thanks 🙂

  • superfly

    Just bought the 8GB. Can’t wait!

  • shutupandtakemymoney

    With this big news, I didn’t get them to shut up. But I got them to take my money.

  • RoyalWitCheese

    Here’s your extra 10 bucks worth, Whiners.

    “Buy the new tablet from Google and get $25 credit to spend on Google Play, as well as some great free content, including your own copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

    At least they’re not holding off the Canadian release like they did with the Nexus One.

  • samer

    guys howd u order it
    i cant get the 209$ to show

    and when i preorder it i get:

    This seller does not accept payments from your location. Learn more.

  • Dave

    No camera on a tablet for video conferencing? A total failure.

    • Aaron

      There is a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera on it 😉

  • JEFF

    will it be available in stores, or only through google play?

  • Chris c

    Should be called Nexus Play instead of Nexus 7…

  • stephane

    Just ordered the 16gb version.
    Simply the best tablet for the price. Upgraded resolution compared to other 7in. Tegra 3 and NFC as a bonus. What do u want more for that price? If u really want micro SD slot, get the galaxy tab 2 but trust me,its laggy and touchwiz make it worse. I sold mine 2 weeks ago. Love my Galaxy Nexus and love Vanilla Ice Cream.

  • Simian

    16GB has been pre-ordered. Boojah.

  • Andre

    More expensive in canada or not – I’m buying the 16GB version

  • JEFF

    will this come to stores, or only through google play?

  • GCooper

    Wow, only $10 more in Canada. I’m impressed, awesome tablet for the money. I may just sell my original ipad for one of these at that price.

  • MER1978

    If you get some sort of micro usb to usb adapter couldn’t you just use any USB drive for extra storage?

  • Harpreet Bansal

    If anyone has nexus 7 ordered in Canada, can you please tell me the expected shipping date of the device. I am a bit short of time and will be leaving Canada by end of this month. Should i order nexus 7 now or wait till i come back?

  • Nicole

    As much as I want to get one and preorder it now.. if you take a look at the details surrounding shipping, they are shipping this UPS from the states to Canada. Brokerage fees are killing this for me. I’d rather just wait a week or two and figure out which retailers/brick and mortar stores will be stocking and for how much.

    Total fees, taxes, brokerage with UPS:

    Price [?] : CAD$ 259.00

    Shipping [?] : CAD$ 19.99

    Duty [?] : CAD$ 15.54

    Tax (GST) [?] : CAD$ 17.67

    Conversion [?] : CAD$ 6.97

    Brokerage [?] : CAD$ 43.98

    Disbursement [?] : CAD$ 6.61

    Final Cost to ship to BC CAD$ 369.76.

    Sorry, not paying an extra $100/tablet .. especially since I’m going to purchasing two.

    • Harpreet Bansal

      But on the google play site its not showing that much high price. I just want to know the delivery date of the order so that i can decide whether to order now or not