Solo giving customers 100 local minutes for free


  • Max

    Nice 🙂 Are they trying to get rid of the penny as well?

  • pots

    Big deal how do they stay in buisness

  • LikeMyMobiflip

    Switch to Mobilicity or Wind, you get unlimited minutes plus more. 100 minutes free from Solo is an insult to the customer intelligence.

    • Me Ted


    • Tiger Sammy

      And what about the people who can’t get Mobilicity or Wind? I would say giving 100 bonus minutes for free is a nice gesture….

  • Jonesy1966

    Is there any real need for Solo any more? They were irrelevant before the newbies came along, they seem even more irrelevant now. When a friend of mine was shopping for a mobile plan recently, she was told about Solo while in The Source. Up until then she had NEVER heard of them.

  • Marc

    Well I’m the one who brought this up, but ironically, they called me this week to convince me to switch to Bell.

    Also, they attached a price plan for Bell in my latest invoice…

    • Jonesy1966

      Solo attached a note to your bill asking you to consider switching to Bell? With Bell’s new subs up over the last quarter at the expense of Rogers, I’m wondering if this means a change of strategy and they’re now focusing on challenging on Big Red for market share rather than the new entrants?

      Thanks for the info, Marc.

  • Ryan

    Or you can just got to Mobilicity where the minutes are already unlimited.

    No brainer.