86 percent of Canadians own a smartphone, says CTA report

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According to the latest stats from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which is the same organization that puts on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Canadians love technology, specifically smartphones.

The survey was completed in August 2018 “using an online random national sample of 1,000 Canadian adults (18+),” which is really not a high number considering there are almost 37 million Canadians.

There are over 31.5 million people subscribed to a wireless device in Canada.

However, 86 percent of Canadians surveyed own a smartphone and this number continues to grow but is currently in the ‘replacement market phase.’ The CTA says that 34 percent of Canadians are planning to purchase or upgrade to a new device in the coming year.

Household penetration of smartphones is highest in Alberta at 92 percent, while the lowest in Atlantic Canada 74 percent. Ontario has 89 percent smartphone penetration — and also the largest number of wireless subscribers.

Rogers, Bell, Telus — and its flanker brand such as Fido, Chatr, Koodo, Public Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Lucky Mobile — make up for most of the wireless subscribers in Canada with over 29 million subscribers. Shaw-owned Freedom Mobile and regional carriers SaskTel, Eastlink, Videotron, and Xplore Mobile make up for most of the remaining subscribers in Canada.

Another interesting stats is the large number of Canadians who subscribe to a digital streaming service, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Bell’s Crave. The survey revealed that the national average is 47 percent, with Alberta leading the way at 52 percent, followed by Ontario at 50 percent, Atlantic Canada at 49 percent, and British Columbia at 48 percent.

“Canadian shoppers are excited to get the technology that’s essential to their everyday lives – ‘hub devices’ from smartphones to computers to smart TVs that serve as anchor points for our connected, digital lives,” said Steve Koenig, vice president, market research, CTA. “Our purchase intent data shows Canadians very much plan to stay up-to-date on tech and take advantage of the latest innovations available.”

Source: CTA

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