Samsung Galaxy S III in Sapphire Black coming to Canada


  • Marc

    Ive been told that black one is bigger in size. That’s what she said.

    • What innovation by samsung!!!!!

      Talk about innovation!

  • gnote

    It looks beautiful.

    • Jake

      Too little, too late.

    • Todd

      Too little, too late.

  • dave

    Better get a case for it

  • kylee

    Wooo a different color!! My blue one looks black in pretty much any case I put it in. And I never leave it out of a case. Im much too clumsy and rough on things for no case!

  • Victorr

    Get the blue otter box case that helps

  • Mitin

    A year later. Thanks Samsung #sarcasm

  • Stephie


  • Olerius

    I can appreciate Samsungs attempt to bring life and vibrance to thier lineup with the white/blue/red colors, but it still surprises me that black hasn’t been made available from the start. Retailers can still demo the alternate colors, but for a multitude of reasons, black is still a go-to color for everything from phones to cars to underwear.

  • Francis

    At least samsung released more then 2 colors …

  • Djnago


  • Mark

    The black device doesn’t really go with their popular wallpaper. I prefer the blue one.

  • Croak

    If this phone had shipped in black last year I would have owned one. Couldn’t stand the glittery and to me cheap and tacky looking blue, and don’t go in for white phones either.

    So, I bought a gray One X in the UK (Tegra 3) and have been more than happy with it, even without LTE.

    Basically, Samsung lost at least one customer this product cycle due to their colour, style and materials choices. I should mention that I owned the GS1, GS2, Note 1, a Tab 7″, a Tab 10.1, a Tab 8.9, and a Tab 7.7 (sadly stolen), as well as a Nexus 10. So I like Samsung products a lot.

    But I simply couldn’t get past the looks of the GS3, no matter how nice a piece of kit it was underneath that ugly.

    • seroevo

      Entirely agree. If this was available in black last fall (at least other than international versions from overseas), I would’ve just got an S3 as I’d played around with a friend’s S2 and he loves it.

      Instead, the lack of black led me to look more closely at other phones, and I realized that in addition to nearly every other phone being available in black, I liked other phones better. I ended up with a Sony.

    • Mr. Fantastic

      Cool STORY bro.

  • gjeff12

    I don’t think that black really works. It just makes all the rounded parts look funny.

  • eh

    Isnt it a bit too late…?

  • Henry

    Too late for a few people it sounds like but these things are still selling like mad and they will for a long time so why not add another color. But yeah, black seems like a standard color to launch with. I got blue which is a bit weird for me at first but now am quite happy with it.

  • Comment Master

    Samsung is releasing this black one to “MAKE US THINK WHY THEY ARE RELEASING IT”

  • screamer

    Get a case… waiting for update 4.1.2

  • Simble

    Wonder if it’s the international version? Exynos etc

  • Oilersmyth

    Saw this at Superstore today, it’s already here I guess!

  • Abe

    Oh yes! finally I can own a phone that came 7 months ago (minus one day) in the normal color that every other phone seems to launch with!!!!!

  • STY

    I only buy phones that have neat coloured chargers….that’s just so more important than features….If automobile enthusiasts got excited if a new car colour comes out, they wouldn’t need to make new models, just new colours.

  • SDS

    Hey Samsung, instead of loading us up with more colours, try updating North America with 4.1.2. They already have it on the international version, so why the delay on getting it out to us?

  • screamer

    For me front only black or white and than the back in all kind of colors. It’s only a piece of plastic