Rogers releasing the Nokia Lumia 920 in red, white and yellow “in the coming weeks”


  • Ron Mexico

    If you are going to buy into a closed platform, you might as well buy a fruity iPhone. At least they have google apps available.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Android kills everything out there, why buy anything else?

    • John

      Windows phones integrate well with windows pcs, tablets, and the Xbox.

    • Keith

      Do you mean closed as in they won’t allow carriers to install tracking software or uninstallable apps on their phones?

  • Raid

    Honestly they should have done this from the get-go. They killed a lot of hype for the phone by only releasing it in black initially. How the hell did Rogers not sell a red 920 on release.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      Rogers are i****s, that’s how. They’re gradually running the company into the ground.

  • Sean

    It’s about time…

  • nathan

    How much longer is the 920 probably going to be the nokia flagship windows phone? Until Q2 or so?

    No clue how nokia usually does their stuff or if a roadmap was posted, any info is appreciated.

  • Mischa Price

    i want the cyan one because the white red and yellow are glossy

    • tony

      cyan in matte is good but even glossy i prefer that colour and it’s one colour still missing.

    • PL

      Was about time! After looking everyday for an update for 2 months, I got tired and wasn’t expecting an update anymore.

    • Eluder

      Cyan is (was?) exclusive to AT&T, so that’s likely why Rogers isn’t getting it.

  • RL

    I still love my black 920….on Koodo.

    • Harley

      Haha! Did the same thing. Bought a black Lumia 920, unlocked it, and popped in my existing Koodo SIM card. Almost no complaints other than Koodo doesnt properly support MMS with WP8 and Data seems to be running out quickly. (Prepaid)

    • swizzlerz

      how did you unlock it??

  • Allan

    Dead on Arrival

  • Phil

    Cyan is the most wanted color for this phone. That’s why Rogers can’t release it Nokia don’t have any of this color to spare.

    • Harley

      Yeah, however, if the demand of the 920 in Cyan was highest, Nokia should have cut the production of the Black, and used the Cyan as the #1 standard color, and make the black secondary at most. That way Cyan would be the easiest to find.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      Did you pull those figures out of your a*s? Yellow as of now is the hardest color to get all around the world for the 920. So worldwide, yellow is the more popular color.

  • Miknitro

    No doubt a pre order is a good thing, then you have an idea of you need to order more then a half dozen or so…j/k

    Who ever is to blame for late colour options on any phone is rude.

  • Bryce

    Soo.. When will Telus or Bell be getting a 920 so I don’t have to deal with Rogers?

    • Bryce

      Hell, even an 820. Why does Nokia’s presense suck so much in Canada

    • Imrightyourewrong

      Why does Telus and Bell suck so much is the question? They keep pushing so many s**t Android phones out. Most carriers love Windows Phone, and it’s time for Bell and Telus to get more on board. Bell and Telus seem to have a very strange anti-Nokia bias, and don’t seem that excited by Windows Phone 8. Bell has the HTC 8X, but HTC sucks. Clearly there is anti-Nokia bias going on at Bell.

  • Jeff

    So…16days ago purchasing a Black 920 was a bad idea? That sucks. I would have loved teh red phone.

  • Ron Mexico

    You guys getting wet about colours is hilarious. You remind of iSheep getting wood when the iPhone shipped in white. Shiny things amuse small minds I guess.

  • jlm

    Too ad they’re gouging us for the buy out price

  • Noreagur

    Now that there’s choice of colours, I actually prefer the black one.

  • Gurnishan

    THey Still need to get the matte GREY!!!! that colour looks sexxyyy!!

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Guys only buy Apple products, you remind me of Android Fantards. Seriously Apple they have the most money and the best products.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Rogers is dangling carrots in front of donkey faces yet again… Guys, why are you still with Rogers? Haven’t you been fooled, lied to, and abused enough by them for DECADES? I mean, just look at your bill…

    You get a much better bang for the buck with Big3’s bastard children, or even with the new entrants.

    Stop wasting your money with Rogers!

    Unless you’ve got a kick-a*s bundle deal, or have an employee or a business discount, you are literally flushing your money down the toiled with ANY of the Big3.


    • Ron Mexico

      I don’t think you understand the word ‘literally’.

    • MDRam

      You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means…

  • Mark

    If you are going to offer the Nokia Lumia 920 in Red, Yellow and White why not in Cyan as well?? Makes absolutely no sense!!! If it’s a flagship phone give us ALL the colors to choose from.

  • roach_779

    My Telus awesome (6GB data)contract ended on Dec. I figure I will give Telus until the end of Feb and if no 920, hello Rogers, hello red 920…I was not ready to switch for a black 920.

  • 45

    People care far too much about the colour of their phone. It likely spends most of the time in your pocket, and when you’re using it, you’re looking at the screen, not the back of it.

  • Nick

    I wonder if they will let me trade my Black one for the Yellow….I’m so glad i cancelled my plan and took my Lumia 920 to Wind….what Jack @$$3$

  • Keith

    It appears are days together are numbered Bell.

  • Nicholas B

    I’m Binging it!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Shiddy phone in a different colour? Hmm. I’ll buy that!

    Seriously, I wouldn’t.