RIM’s BlackBerry 10 “Last Chance Port-A-Thon” sees 19,071 apps submitted in 36 hours

On January 30th RIM will show the world their two new BlackBerry smartphones – rumoured to be called the Z10 and the X10 – and also reveal the final version of BlackBerry 10.

The enthusiasm is high and over the past few weeks RIM has held a couple Port-A-Thons that offer developers incentives for each approved app they submit to the BlackBerry World (a max of $2,000 per person). During a recent Port-A-Thon the dev community submitted over 15,000 apps in 36 hours. Then, just this past weekend, RIM’s BlackBerry 10 “Last Chance Port-A-Thon” was in full motion and again went for 36-hours straight. The result even topped the 15k mark. According to the BlackBerry Dev Twitter account there was “19071 apps have been submitted in 36 hours!”

Of course, submitted apps are not all approved and RIM has always gone for quality over quantity. RIM’s CMO has promised over 70,000 apps at launch and from the sounds of the past two week there could be well over that number.

Source: Twitter