RIM’s BlackBerry 10 “Last Chance Port-A-Thon” sees 19,071 apps submitted in 36 hours


  • phreezerburn

    I said the same of the 5″ iPhone 4s.

    • phreezerburn

      Hilarious that the original iFanboy I reply to is deleted.

      RIM isn’t anywhere near dead folks and Apple’s developer forums were already talking about borrowing “a version” of the “unshadowing” reveal and the “unlock anywhere” we’ve already seen on the BB10 handsets. If iFanboys were allowed to crow about a slighly bigger screen that breaks easier than the one on the iPhone 4 or a Siri that Woz had already told the world worked perfectly before Apple added its “pay to be the answer to question X” routines, then RIM fans should be affordrd the same for their handset of choice.

      The developers of some of your favorite apps have already gone on record, telling us all QNX is a pleasure to write for and lauding the results. So who are these RIM haters to tell them that they are wrong?

    • Jason the Mason

      OMFG cue the parade! RIM is back! Still no device, still no release date, maybe if this was 2 years ago it would be news, but its over for this joke of a company. Canadians should stick to public service and digging crap out of the ground!

    • Alex

      Another American with Canadian envy. Sorry bro but it’s coming and there is nothing you do so stop it. Maybe you should worry about your own “crap digging” economy and stop worrying about Canada. When the Soviets were buzzing rockets over our heads, it was Canadian engineering that pretty much built it for you guys. Do your homework and get a life you loser coward.

      Oh BTW – Canadians also have more guns than people but still manage not to kill each other 🙂

    • Jason the Mason

      RIM stock: $145->$15
      Nortel stock: hmm can’t find it on the exchange HAHA!

    • skullan

      Congratulations, want a Beaver Tail? It’s the Canadian form of a cookie, presented to you by hotter women, with Beer that actually has an alcohol content, in the open, on the street, where you’re no where near as worried about having a major crime committed against you.

    • sp

      you are a fail.

      to those in the industry..we know the release date..but to not get fired or in serious trouble..we dont tell anyone because we like our jobs.

      the release date will surprise everyone in a positive way. trust me.

      go RIM… cant wait for my BB10 device!!!!

  • steve

    at least they know that the playbook flopped because there were zero apps for it when it launched. now at least they have a ecosystem with some big names… so their devices are actually usefull. now hopefully you dont need a data plan to use those apps, and can get access to the app store using wifi. otherwise… i think people may not be happy.

    • phreezerburn

      Not that there were few apps at all but few of the 50 truly great ones. I’ve pointed out all along that most apps ARE glorified browser shortcuts and few of us actually use more than two dozen “apps” with anything resembling regularity. Taking the iPhone app store as an example, 90% of what’s available can be replicated within a browser and while that should be common knowlege, superior marketing has assured that it isn’t.

      Think of it this way, if Ubuntu’s upcoming phone browser can present itself to web sites indistinguishable from its desktop cousin then Netflix and all the other BROWSER accessable services/games/media will be available to it. By the mobile media’s own definition they then start off with how many hundred thousand (shortcut) “apps”? If RIM were to manage the same with something like Opera then this whole “app” arms race becomes moot.

    • Liang 2$

      Apple and Android and WP8 are screwed now. They have another week of life before RIM takes it from them! I will buy at least 2 of these devices so I can use them with my playbook. I am a stockbroker so I need a secure phone as well.

    • 19100 BB Apps

      Lets read the lines between the Syrup Advertorial:

      They are offering a max of $2,000 per APPROVED app and a MINIMUM of $10,000 minimum revenue per app just to get developers to SPEND the TIME MONEY AND EFFORT to learn how to develop for BB; all this WHILE they are loosing revenue by STOPPING developing for an ecosystem that they already know, ie iOS and Android and Windows.

      First event got 15,000 apps SUBMITTED not approved
      Now they got 19,071 SUBMITTED
      IF they approved ALL THE SUBMITTED apps, they would have less than 35,000 apps; they promised a minimum of 70,000 by launch and they are two weeks away from Launch!

      Enough said!

    • 19100 BB Apps

      An ecosystem without apps is a dead ecosystem (even if 80% of them are fart apps) they use data and that makes operators very happy.

      If BB doesn’t have a critical mass of apps by launch (70,000 for what they say) there will be no interest, no interest, no phone users, no phone users- no developers, no apps etc.

      BB has to get a fir on their Berry and upp the “incentive” to make the developer’s time worthwhile and up the bonuses to $5,000 per app and maybe $15,000 minimum revenue per app.
      $2,000 and $10,000 is evidently not working!

      -Looks like developers are concentrating their time and effort in “SaFE money” instead of the “promised money from RIM”
      -Developers might be just waiting to see if BB10-phones sell well, AND ONLY THEN start developing, but they won’t be selling many phones if there are not many apps.
      Its the classic Catch 22; or should we say “Catch BB10?”

      -Add to that the 3 yr contracts in Canada and you will see that no amount of noise from the Big 3 will users Freedom to buy another phone: 93% of Canada is on a contract at any given point and 67% of Canadians just got a new phone in Xmas.
      Good luck RIM, you are going to need it; that and 70,000 apps in TWO WEEKS!

    • hoo dat

      As of a month ago they had 70,000 native apps. Current estimates are at 122,000 for launch, plus apps ported in from PlayBook, Android and iOS.

  • An Average Stupid Rip Rimmer

    I’ve been saying “RIP RIM” for 3 years on the Internet to seem “cool”! Why isn’t RIM dying, damn it!! I am afraid that I will lose my credibility… 🙁

    • phreezerburn

      Apple has been secretly propping them up along with M$-Nokia so that there is something to copy that isn’t blatantly Android.

  • john bon


    • phreezerburn

      A browser that presents itself indistinguishable from its desktop cousin means everything on the web that runs on your desktop browser is available to your mobile. Make a shortcut and by the mobile media’s own definition you have yourself a Netflix, Hulu or XM Radio app.

    • hoo dat

      I just don’t see the point of Netflix in Canada. The selection is absolutely awful and the quality is worse, unless you’re into unheard of indy films shot on Super 8 or films that were released before your parents were old enough to go to the movies.

  • Rick Whitley

    I hope they are not setting us up for disappointment when we actually see the App Store. Rim obviously has been very focussed on apps. I think a big part of these port-a-thons is just to in erase the overall number at launch. What will matter more is all the work they have been doing behind the scenes to get the top apps. I wish them well and think they have done a stellar job of leaking I go throughout this campaign to build buzz.

    Device looks nice, OS looks slick and functional.

    I really thought they were dead with all the delays. But it almost seems like its been so long that the tide has turned again with them. Like the longer wait has almost become a positive.

    Fingers crossed that they succeed, Canada could use them and the quality jobs tied to the company

    I for one, will vote with my pocketbook to support them. Even though I do love my iphone.

  • COBwiggy

    Can’t wait to see what they come out with

  • Plazmic Flame

    RIM shot themselves in the foot with the play book because everyone who makes apps already knew that BB10 was coming. So why would you put all your energy and time into a platform that’s already going to be obsolete? That wouldn’t be a smart move. Sure, smaller Devs have definitely seen success developing for the Playbook but its hard to say if its because of the quality of the app or lack of alternatives.

    Now with BlackBerry 10, any Dev in the loop knows that this is RIMs 10 year mobile platform to take us into the future. It will only benefit them to get in on the ground floor at launch. I think we will see a lot of big name apps come to the platform now.

    Good times ahead. 🙂

  • DC

    I really don’t feel like I’ll have one. It’s too late for RIM. Even iPhone and Samsung cannot easily surprise us right now. And RIM is gonna to release a phone which looks similar?

  • The Boss

    I wish the geniuses at Pair would put their App on BB10.

  • S_Hanson

    If it does what it is supposed to then BB10 will be amazing. I will be jealous of every customer that I sell one to. I just want a actually date that BB10 devices will become availible.

    • Johentie

      what… you can’t wait 9 days to find out?

  • Miknitro

    Jason, I bet most of the real folks north of the 49th may agree with this as follows,..


  • Mike

    I am so glad I bought the 7$ a month replacement warranty for my devices! Now if something amazing were to come out of BB10- with great software and some good hardware specs, My HTC ONE X could have an accident!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!

  • Mike

    @ALEX – well said, well Said.TY – shut that ignorant american up!

  • Alex

    @ Jason – Excellent comeback. I can see your school system is producing some fine citizens.

    Can’t seem to fine Enron on the exchange either. Not to mention, Ford, Chrysler, GM. Etc in which Canadian tax money helped to save their butts.

    I love going to Florida and gobbling up American property and how they all drool for the Canadian dollar 😛

    Don’t make me school your sorry azz again. Maybe next time you open your mouth it’s to change feet 😛

    • Jason the Mason

      Did you find Apple, Google, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, GE, Hewlett-Packard, Qualcomm, Intuit, Facebook, Symantec, Cisco, NVidia, Adobe, SanDisk, Western Digital, Yahoo!, Amazon, Electronic Arts, eBay, YouTube, VMWare….should I continue?

      RIM? How’s the consumer debt in Kanada? 165% and rising lol, get ready for the housing crash, CMHC couldn’t prevent it just delay it and make it much worse. Fun to watch!

      Oh hey, how did Canada do at the world juniors this year? Hmm, and how did USA do? Hmm. LOLZ!

    • Dwayne

      Ohhhh, that was a low blow about the junior hockey, but true, damn

  • RIM2013


  • Dalex

    January 30th and the Z10 release date can’t come here soon enough. I am officially on board the BB10 comeback bandwagon and hope they strike back at this Android/IOS duopoly.

  • RIM2014

    Rim = Fail = Bankruptcy = So many Canadian losing their job = no more moneyto support their family = big smile on my face