Nexus 4 “coming soon” to Videotron


  • Jaffna Guy

    it is BB10 time now 🙂

    • Almost there

      The latest stories of the N4 production have confirmed that Google breaks even with the N4 or makes minimum profit, so they will be starting to sell it to operators all over the world.

      -Why sell the phone directly to consumers for $360; when you can sell it to operators at $400 and they will re-sell it to you at $149-$99 on a two year contract??

      -Just check the price of the N4 at Tmobile.
      -Expect the N4 at the Big three on on $99-$149…on T H R E E YR C O N T R A C T with a minimum of $50 per month.

  • Steve

    Ooh. I hope this means Canadian carriers will sell the phone outright. (Although I’m scared it will be at an inflated price)

    Still want a Nexus 4 haha.

    • hoo dat

      Of course it’ll be at an inflated price. Both Google and LG have both said they’ll be selling it wholesale for more than they’re currently selling it for at the retail level.

      You can anticipate the 16GB to be around $600 based on Google grabbing an extra $100 and the carriers using normal retail mark ups.

      $600 for no expandable memory or removable battery seems heavy to me and without those features makes the phone moot to many peoples’ needs.

    • Gene

      @hoo dat 100% correct. LG’s quote to canadian carriers varies, but nobody is paying less than $500 except Google.

    • HBK

      Its not an “inflated” price. The cost to carriers will likely be more than $500. Believe it or not carriers make little to no money on devices. They mark it up enough just to cover their dealer margin. (wireless wave, t-booth etc)

    • hoo dat

      Of course carriers deserve to make a profit, I never suggested they didn’t. What I am questioning is Google’s policy to have sold the phone for $350+/- and then for it to expect its customers to pay a minimum of $250 more. I’m sure Google will cease selling this phone once it goes retail, if I were a retail carrier I would insist on it, so what’s going to happen to all those who are still waiting for their phones to be released? Do they have to wait further while LG supplies the carriers before they get theirs? By the time some people will get their Nexus 5 will be coming around the corner.

      Google/LG balls-ed this one up big time!

  • G

    Nexus! Nexus! Nexus!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Not trolling.

    This sounds like BB10 marketing.

    Hey, I said not trolling!!

    Don’t thumbs down me please.

  • Jason

    Once the big 3 get their hands on it it won’t be 300 dollars unlocked no contract. Now it’s going to be 150 dollars 3 year lock in contact. No thanks.

    • 45

      The Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus were both sold unlocked from the carriers. (with a contract at a subsidized pricing, yes).

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    My prediction:

    3 year contract – $99
    2 year contract – $579
    3 year contract – $599
    no contract – $599

    • Miguel

      Titty Sprinkles.

  • Chris Row

    why not Ontario 1st eh???

    • Ottawa

      They sell in in Ottawa.

    • Karendar

      Because you guys get Blackberry 10 contests instead. 😉

  • Chris

    I see them selling the phone outright at $550 – $600. Google is only subsidizing it from the Play Store in other parts of the world, so I can see that happening here too. Shame.

  • Oldschool

    Google’s direct distribution model failed miserably, now they have to go back to the carriers after they yanked the galaxy nexus from them halfway through its life cycle.

    The masses just aren’t down with paying full pop for their phones, not in North America anyway. Don’t matter if it’s $309 or not.

    • Karendar

      Of course! That’s why their site was flooded to hell everytime they opened up buying, that 400,000 units got sold out and that a bunch of people are still complaining because they want one and can’t get one… It MUST be because people don’t wanna buy one outright. Sure thing buddy. 😉

      Their eCommerce is pitiful, but people still buy and will still buy the phone… No worries there.

  • Karl

    @Oldschool, what the hell are you talking about? The Play Store has been sold out of Nexus 4s ever since they were announced, they don’t have a problem finding buyers at all.

    • ile2010

      We don’t know the true demand for this phone. Not enough units have been produced. This could be intentional. Create the illusion of demand by selling a limited number of devices at a loss so that they’re always “sold out”. People will hear about how this phone is out of stock everywhere and flock to the carrier version as soon as it’s made available (which most definitely won’t be sold at a loss).

      What makes this phone great is its price. I’m willing to overlook a less than stellar battery life and a mediocre camera sensor at this price, but if I’m paying a contract price or spending $550+ on a phone then why would I want this? I could get a Galaxy S3 or Note 2 for a great Android experience. Or I could get an iPhone 5. Or a Nokia Lumia 920.

    • hoo dat

      That has everything to do with LG stockpiling units to be distributed to carriers and retailers and not fulfilling the current orders they have. They could clear up this back log in a few days but choose not to. The Play Store has been “sold out” because that’s what has suited the needs of Google and LG. You don’t honestly think that between them they couldn’t have solved this issue? ALl those lovely phones that poeple thought they were a priority for, as winging their way to carriers the world over.

  • Tom Riddell

    This is not good news for Google or us .

    I been trying get one of these phones since it launch and I’m still waiting

    Right now I am Stuck with Nexus S
    with 3800 after market MA Battery

    • Eduardo

      At this point I think you’re better off waiting for the MWC next month and see what’s coming. Nothing beats stock android but there seems to be a wave of very very interesting devices coming!

    • Nexus is the best

      how is the battery life. does it heat up being after market and all. by the way you guys do know these carter locked nexus 4 will be updated long after the pure Google direct ones. i repeat they are not the same phone.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    This is a good move for the Nexus 4, it’ll get in alot more consumer hands that way, doesn’t look like google play was made too handle such volume, but it should still be an option.

  • Justin

    Lol too bad I already have a Nexus 4

  • rogue17

    I agree with Morgan. That is how Videotron will price it.

  • sp

    pricing of the Nexus 4 on contract or outright from places other than the Playstore is atound $550 to $600.

    so people saying wait til the BIG 3 get their hands on it and prices wont be what they were being sold on the Playstore has nothing to do with anything here.

    what everyone still fails to realize is that the price was a subsidized price from Google buying it directly from Google Playstore.

    so expecting it to be the same price from the Carriers is preposterous

  • Franz

    Trading nexus 4 for iPhone 5. Mint

    • Karendar

      Trading iphone 5 for nokia 3310. used and all banged up.

  • SAM

    NO LTE

    • Acco

      Has LTE. 🙁 Just not enabled by default.

    • Karendar

      I find it funny that people are still surprised about this.

    • Karendar

      As Acco said, it doesn’t OFFICIALLY have LTE. But I’ve been running LTE on it ever since I’ve gotten it.

  • Karendar


  • Dave

    I bet it *will* be at an inflated price. The good news is that this means LG is finally getting a handle on supply. It’ll be back in stock at the Play Store at some point, and this time we’re not excluded in Canada.

    • Emmit Brown

      LG has always had a handle on supply. This was a Controlled Launch dreamed up by Google and LG to create buzz,demand and a high carrier cost price. Genius marketing. More carriers to announce in 3..2..1..

  • Eric

    Is there a way to make LTE as the preferred connection? Mine changes back to WCDMA after reboot…

    • Karendar

      Nope, no way yet. Get cracking on a solution! 😉

  • Dave

    Nexus is the best,

    No past HSPA Nexus phones have been carrier locked, i.e. you can use them freely on any carrier, not just the one you bought from. The carrier-sold Galaxy Nexus did have different firmware, managed by Samsung instead of Google, which did cause significant update delays. The carrier-sold Nexus S didn’t have this problem.

    So it’s too soon to know whether Nexus 4 will repeat the mistake of the Galaxy Nexus. I’d like to think that Google has learned its lesson.

    • Nexus is the best

      I respect your opinion buddy but sorry you are wrong the nexus s was carrier locked. for example the kodoo nexus s could not work on wind. i know this because my cousin had wind tried using sim card in my nexus s. never worked we tried for hours.

    • You’re wrong

      Sorry youre wrong. The Koodo Nexus S didn’t work on wind because frequency not supported. Nexus S was not pentaband.

    • crimsona

      Bought a Koodo Nexus S (i9020A) and had it working on Fido a minute later without unlocking. Wind requires the T-Mobile version (i9020T), which means you were misguided thinking the Koodo version would work on a carrier that operates on a different band

  • lte

    Lte is overrated. does anyone have unlimited data to take advantage?

    • Andy c

      I thought LTE was over-rated as well until i got my N4. LTE on the N4 is crazy fast even thought it’s not “officially” supported by LG/google.

      i’m hoping Rogers/Bell/Telus release this with official LTE support.

    • Karendar

      I have a 6GB plan… I’m running LTE… Never topped the 3GB mark. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??!!

  • Zoomus

    So that’s why it takes 8 weeks to ship one to me from the play store, they are stockpiling to ship them to the carriers so the carriers can get in the action like the other people who bought multiple units and sell them on Kijiji or eBay, gouge the i****s who are willing to pay double for it .

    • Dave


      They told you it would take 8 weeks before you confirmed the purchase, right? Why are you so mad? You’re stil getting an amazing phone (I have one) at a ridiculous price.

    • Sean

      I bought one off Kijiji last week and the phone is mint. Not one mark or scratch and it’s the 16GB version. I got it for $390 cash. Some people are charging crazy prices for the N4 on ebay and kijiji. I got lucky but was patient checking each day.

  • Dan

    So much for the Nexus 4 changing the whole phone marketplace. Seems like the low-cost, straight-from-Google thing was just a publicity stunt with a very limited number of phones in order to build hype and sell at regular prices from carriers through the standard contract model.

    Yet again, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • Karendar

      Uhm… T-Mobile had subsidized phones at launch. Some UK suppliers also carried subsidized phones a month after launch. The stock wasn’t limited, it was limited to people outside the US… They did manage to sell 400k phones according to last reports, they also never said it’d be a google exclusive… Right now, the demand greatly outweighs the supply. Of course they’ll release it to carriers for subsidy, it was already planned as such before launch of the Play store.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Not trolling again. I want RIM to succeed but..

    RIM should patent “Coming soon.”
    Google should patent “Out of stock.”
    Apple should patent “I’m sorry.”
    Nokia should patent “#1.. in Finland.”

  • james

    IMHO This fear that contracts are going to bring up the cost of this phone are needless. It remains to be seen how this will pan out but I am nearly certain crappy companies like videotron will not set precedence. At any rate Google phones are worth any premium as opposed to any other phone, again IMHO.

  • you’re wrong you are wrong. mobilicity was selling nexus s therefore its pentaband

  • deltatux

    It seems that there are still people confused over the whole Nexus S issue.

    Nexus S was NEVER pentaband. There were two variants in North America: I9020T (WIND/Mobilicity/Videotron/T-Mobile) and I9020A (AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus). In other regions there’s also the MK200 (Korea) and the I9023 (I9020T with an LCD screen instead of SuperAMOLED).

    The Nexus S was and always has been unlocked, it’s a requirement of the Nexus program.

  • Thrasher

    This is a big disappointment. I thought Google was setting a new trend with sub-$300 contract free unlocked flag ship phones but it seems that the massive carrier lobby took over again. This phone should have been sold exclusively through the Play Store. Google is breaking their promise again. I am not interested in another $700 carrier-locked phone. I am however enjoying it at $350 for the quality that this phone provides. If you can buy a 1.5 year old flagship phone for $100 (gs2) only fools will lock themselves in for 3 years to a $50-100 plan just to get a phone that will be replaced by a newer model in less than a year.

    • Nathen

      Agreed , Im so glad you see what’s really going on here.
      Google will learn the HARD way that while there phone is a great deal at the $350 price range, there are BETTER alternatives for somone that is going to be locked in on a 3 or 3 yr plan. The Nexus 4 will FLOP in sales in 2013 if they go that route. Wait and see.

  • MattyMattMatt

    If they mark it up to 500-600, then you may as well get the Optimus G. More storage, LTE, higher build quality. Played with the N4 for a while and opted for the Optimus G. Sure I need to wait for the kernel release and then there will be some more ROM development, but even rooted on LG stock I quite enjoy the experience. And I downgraded coming from JB.

  • Sweet

    Why does anyone care if it has LTE support when Videotron doesn’t have an LTE network and it’s not known if they have, or will have, enough bandwidth to build an LTE network ?

  • Marc

    Screw sending the devices to carriers! Just add more to Google Play already so that I can pick one up!

  • Nathen

    So first they come out with the Nexus and say to there Customers , BUY the Nexus 4 from OUR Play Store. Then there are not near any phones at all to be had for most cumsomers unless of course you GO TO ebay and pay through the ROOF.
    Now there are STILL no phones but all of a SUDDEN ? there is STOCK for Carriers to sell it ???
    Really Google ? You might be fooling most people but I certainly don’t buy your BS. I see exactly whats going on here. By the way if you think people will buy your phone for a compareable Sumsung S 3 or S4 or even an HTC ButterFly or whatever it will be named here, you are truly out of marbles in the Brain.