Rogers announces 2600Mhz LTE roaming agreement with 3 Hong Kong


  • ELNY

    What is the point of using data if you will be paying $100/25mb or even $225/75mb? That is absolutely ridiculous. Realistically, unless it is absolutely crucial you get those emails and your company pays for it, you are getting ripped off.

    • Adam

      Whether the price is fair or not is somewhat moot.

      To put it in perspective, some carriers charge as much as $30/MB for HSPA roaming in any country except the USA. $4/MB which is what you’d get for the 25MB/$100 plan is cheaper than all carriers offer as their base roaming rate in the US.

    • ToniCipriani

      Not to mention 3’s network is terrible. I used it once, never again. The only network in Hong Kong I’ve ever had dropped calls.

      CSL or Smartone’s networks are much better.

    • bobblehead

      Wait. Rogers charges $30/MB in HK without an add-on and we know the VAST majority dont buy add-ons.

    • Netguru

      Actually Videotron is $1/MB in the U.S. They are partnering with AT&T, T-mobile and Cincinnati Bell.

    • real deal

      @ ELNY. alot of people don’t use their brain to think. for 225$ you could have 4 prepaid lines in alot of countries.

    • nathan

      This plan is better than nothing but when I was traveling to Hong Kong, I had a much better plan. I just signed up to a local plan that offered 250 MB a month for 68 HKD which is less than $10 Canadian for 1000 minutes, 500 text message and 250 MB of data.

      If travelers from Canada wish to use data and travel there, just sign up to a monthly plan for the duration you are there. It is MUCH cheaper than using Canadian cellular bills.

  • David

    “75MB for 225$”

    Wait… what ?

  • All ways write

    only 3 Hong Kong users? But there is like 2 billion of them…so sad..

    • dam n it


  • B

    Mobile plans in HK are dirt cheap. For example, at a local HK mobile company charges $3 HKD/MB ($0.40/MB CDN) with their rechargeable SIM card. 25MB would come to $10 CDN.


    • B

      Correction, 3 has even cheaper rates which are capped daily too.

      Local Wireless Data~ HK$2/MB
      Daily maximum cap at HK$28+~
      Monthly maximum cap at HK$338+#~

      Go figure

    • duw

      $10 / week for 5gb/throttle-after last time I used one.

  • Alex

    At those rates its cheaper to buy a full priced unlocked device on expansis and get pay as you go cards when you get to your destination.

  • duw

    It is nice to know I can roam on 3HK’s network, and yet I still don’t know if my place has LTE 2600.

  • Cyrano

    on the other hand, you can buy a 3 sim card @ hk airport. hkd338/mo for 5gb….

    • crimsona

      Buy a one2free SIM card from the airport instead, better network, and they have a $78 HKD/week for unlimited 3G

  • J

    25MB, even at 25Mbits/s would take 8 seconds to max out, 2 at 100Mbps.

  • Mark

    This is why i never buy locked phones. Local sim plans are always cheaper. I am about to pick up an o2 sim for 16.50 pounds that gives me 500 MB of data, 500 UK texts and 100 min of talk time.

  • Dave

    Prepare your anus.

  • Ricky

    If you are visiting Hong Kong, pay under $50cad a month at 3 for unlimited data. If you’re visiting Canada from elsewhere, don’t bother getting a data plan.

  • ry29

    Another First, only from Robbers.

  • Jamma

    Like one user said buy at the airport and it is way cheaper.
    These carriers always think they’re samrt trying to rob people.

  • As others have said…

    You are retarded if you don’t just get a sim card in HK (even for a few days). It’s really cheap there.

  • dullnut

    I use CSL (3 Hong Kong) SIM Card, paid HK$70 (C$8.90 no tax) 5GB for a week data and voice in HK, use Fongo to call back to Canada for free and my Canadian friends can call me for free. Why bother Rogers Roam.

    • Airbus

      CSL is not 3HK

    • dullnut

      CSL is the mother company of 3HK

    • swanch

      No… [facepalm]
      CSL is now on New World Mobility
      3HK is still on Hutchison Telecom

      CSL was with 3HK… 20 years ago when HKT and Hutchison Telecom are both owned by K.S. Lee… CSL was later sold to a Aussie telecom around 2000 and the New World Mobility.

  • Leggomyeggos

    $25 for 5MB on a day pass? Are you freaking kidding me?

  • Luka

    There’s no point in that for Hong Kong because literally EVERYWHERE you go there, you’ll find wifi. Same goes for the rest of the world

    • Jonathan W.

      Yup….HSBCs and Webuses were everywhere =)

  • Alex

    If they are selling it at such a high price, it must mean that there’ s a marlet for it. Probably corporations, not the average Joe.

  • Airbus

    Just buy a prepaid CSL (best provider in HK) sim card.
    You can get one week of unlimited data for just $78HKD ($10CAD)

  • Jim

    I just pick up a SIM card everything I am in HKG (or order one before on ebay and top it up while I am there). Was there a couple months ago and popped in a microsim from 3 and had no problems. HK$28 per day (less than $4) for unlimited data – worked like a charm. Was in Singapore after and paid about US$7 for a card that lasted me the entire 5 days I was there. In Thailand they handed out SIM cards with free balances as I was leaving the airport. You have to be crazy to roam with any Canadian carrier!

  • HP

    I just fell off my chair when I read this… LOL. Rogers sounded like they are doing users a big favour here (roaming contract etc…)

  • dam n it

    How anyone can read that article and not vo mit at canadas communication rates is beyond me.

    Only in Canada can people read that and think “good to know.”

    Other countries would have blown Rogers up by now.

  • alex

    Come on, who use roaming service, when there’s tons of ways to pay cheaper for data/call by using a prepay sim or WiFi.
    Even for business trip, transfer your calls to your temp number through voip service , or check txt on Rogers one number.

  • deltatux

    Anyone smart enough to travel to Hong Kong would just ditch their Canadian SIM and pop in a HKG SIM. The only people who won’t would probably be the business types where their work would pay for the roaming.

    Other than that, the majority of Canadians who travels to HKG would be smarter than that and just ditch their Canadian SIM and experience what the rest of the world pays for service.

    As for 3’s service in HKG, it’s not that bad, service is pretty up there with CSL, SmarTone and etc. At least in HKG, cell phone providers actually have competition …. unlike here.

  • XER

    Just wait that a months from now, someone is racking up a $10000 bill for LTE roaming! This is bound to happen and Rogers, shame on you!

  • David Allan

    Here is another thing with Rogers… All of their plans are so ripped off. I was in London summer 12 watching the Olympic and I got O2 SIM for $30US for like 3GB data and 1000 minutes good for a month.

    In Hong Kong, you can get 1GB of data good for a month for 10US. In Thailand, you get 1GB of data for a little as $3US. People got to be crazy to roam with Rogers.

    75MB on LTE for $200+???? Thanks for ripping us off, Rogers.

    People, start buying your own unlocked phones and stop signing any contracts. Even you travel only to the US for like 2 weeks for vacation, get a T-Mobile SIM and $3 a day, you get everything! Every now and then, you will hear mega bill like $10K+ because of some idi0ts streaming a movie on their smartphones????

    Canada is the only country that makes you sign a 3 year contract. In Asia, 2 years max.

  • some guy

    Uhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm… forget the roaming fees… LTE 2600Mhz!?
    Kinda narrows the field as to which phones will support that.

    On a side note, that means Rogers is likely getting the Xperia Z, because that’s the only phone I can think of that has that frequency. Well, that and Rogers always carries Sony.

  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Dear Lord…

    For the 478th time, when travelling abroad stop off and a 7-11 as you exit your flight, pick up a prepaid sim card, insert it into your unlocked mobile device (you remembered to unlock it right?) and be on your way for <$50.

    There, now was that so hard?