Alberta government looking to introduce “penalties for prank 911 calls”


  • talarico

    Great idea in my opinion.

    • Nokias Phones Rock

      To the CRTC:
      -How about making Three Year contracts illegal, like the rest of the Countries?

  • CRTC

    I’ll be taking my sweet time with this review. Why would I complete it in one year when I can strech the work load over 2 years and make the same yearly by doing less…

  • Netguru

    Municipalities already have the tools they need to go after prank callers. It is in the Criminal Code and it is called mischief. Why do they need to reinvent the wheel? Just apply the Criminal Code.

  • Dave

    How are there not penalties for this already…

  • ABC

    “unlike landline users, cellphone users do not directly contribute to the cost of 911 services” – You mean the people in Alberta don’t pay a “911 fee”?

  • Jason

    If these accidental calls are treated as “pranked calls” then I would like for cellphones to not come equpiqed with that easy option to call 9-1-1. Jusr allow me to make phone calls from the locked screen and ill dial those 3 numbers when needed.

  • TheTruth

    F the Police!

  • yup

    Simple solution is to make all 911 calls $5 per call. That will stop people really quick.

  • b1791

    Though I am against prank 911 calls, a few weeks ago we were woken up in the middle of the night by the police at our door. My phone had dialed 911 even though it was sitting on the dresser across the room from us. When we didn’t answer the callback (we didn’t recognize the number and figured it was a wrong number) the police showed up. My call log never showed a call to 911. The police said things like this do happen…weird!

  • cdub

    there are tools pranking 911??.. seriously get a f’n life..

    prank pizza hut or sum s**t..