Nokia’s rumoured 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet expected to come with cellular connectivity and a “battery-equipped keyboard cover”

Ian Hardy

December 24, 2012 9:13pm

Earlier this week it was rumoured that Nokia was going to enter the tablet space. The size is expected to be 10.1-inches and the chosen OS version is Windows RT. Reports indicated that Nokia will show their unnamed tablet to the world at Mobile Word Congress in February.  New details have emerged from The Verge who state that the rumour is in fact true and we’ll see Nokia debut it “in early 2013.” Nokia’s tablet will go head-to-head with Microsoft’s Surface RT and will feature a battery-equipped cover that “clicks in” like the Surface’s, plus has a built-in kickstand, a keyboard, 10-hour battery life, two USB ports.

A major difference is that Nokia is expected to include cellular connectivity. No word on the cameras or the official name. It will be interesting to see if they include this tablet into the Pure View line-up. Nokia Pure View tablet seems like a good name.

Source: The Verge

  • EvanKr

    Honestly cellular connectivity isn’t a huge concern to me. I refuse to give the carriers even MORE money for another device, I’m quite happy tethering with my phone.

    • Blaine

      I agree, really there is no need for a cellular tablet, as almost everyone has a smartphone that they are able to use to create a wifi hotspot, or use it for tethering.

    • Sean

      I wouldn’t mind a cellular tablet if i could pay a nominal fee (like $5 a month or even free) and use the cellular data from my phone. I mean this because i have a non LTE device and got an iPad. If i could of paid the extra $5 a month and have my 6 gig plan shared with the tablet i would of gotten the LTE version instead of wifi only.

      I know i can tether but that burns battery life like no tomorrow and i would rather have my phone have a charge then my tablet.

  • EvanKr

    I agree, really there is no need for a cellular tablet, as almost everyone has a smartphone that they are able to use to create a wifi hotspot, or use it for tethering.

  • 2cf

    Merry Christmas and RIP RIM!!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Kid.Canada

    @2CF – seriously do u sit all day infront of the computer and wait for MS to post an article so you can post “RIP RIM”? You seriously need to start going out and get a life…

  • bembol

    I find Tethering to be a PITA, it drains your Super Phone’s battery. I’m paying $2 month for Data Share and with a 6GB plan, it’s more than enough.

  • Nathen

    Who would buy this considering it will cost an ARM and A LEG.

    The MSs Windows TAB is already pricey at $600 with the keyboard. This one here with the Phone will be even MORE then that.

    No Thanks. Your better off buying a LAPTOP for this kind of MONEY. Better yet , get a Nexus 10 for much less.

  • Bilzkh

    I was pretty skeptical of cellular in tablets, but after some thought, I think it’s more convenient than having to switch on tethering. Can’t wait to see Nokia’s tablet, I hope they go as far as adding a proper digitizer (like the Nexus 10 and Galaxy Note).

  • Brandon S

    You guys touched note there with the camera, true, when i hear nokia, I think” I wonder what kind of camera they are going to put on this!”

  • Nathen

    The thing nobody is talking about is PRICE $$$

    As I said , at $600 for a Surface with NO Cell I can’t imaging how this will be any cheaper. More like $700

    I’m sorry but this is just way to much. By your self a LAPTOP and ger seriously MORE bang for your Money. A lot more.

    Or prucahse an Nexus 10 for $399 and your still way better off.