Nokia rumoured to show off a 10-inch Windows RT tablet at MWC


  • menodumb

    Meh …..

  • EvanKr

    I’d bite. Nokia’s gone all-in with Microsoft and invested everything into their ecosystem, s you know there’s going to be support and most likely much more reasonable pricing than the surface.

    What I’m hoping for in addition to the standard W8 RT specs is a full sized USB port like the surface, and a full sized SD card slot for my camera. It looks ice this will launch with an S4, which isn’t at all a bad thing considering its advantages over the Surface’s Tegra 3. The surface is no slouch,mbut at times it can feel a little slow at app opening or navigation through certain areas of the OS. 64GB of storage would also be appreciated, considering that W8 takes up 16GB on the Surface.

    Hopefully we’ll get a slate worthy of the Lumia name, that can improve on where the Surface dropped off.

  • Gsizzle

    That’s a big a$$ Nokia Lumia 920.

  • InfinitiGuy

    Too bad it runs Windows Phone.

    • WP74Life

      LOL, Windows rt =/ windows phone.
      Stupidity level 1000.

    • tokenusername

      Infiniti is going to change all the models in their lineup to the letter “Q”. How do you feel supporting such a clown company? Hahahahahaha

  • al545

    It better be available in colours other than black.

    • phreezerburn

      Or exclusive to one retailer.

    • EvanKr

      As long as it’s not a Robbers exclusive.

  • STY

    I keep hoping for nokia bankruptcy posting (wishful thinking, I know). But still ridiculous that Canadian Anna users were left behind from a Belle upgrade. So, no more nokia purchases from me. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Keep this in mind, knowing full well when you buy this, that you will most certainly be left behind, when better operating systems come along.

    Everyone gets mad at carriers when existing customers are left out of promos. This is in a way, the same.

  • Jaffna Guy

    Everybody fast tracking their product before RIM comes after them 🙂

  • Edward Szklar

    What’s the point? The Microsoft Surface RT hasn’t been a resounding success. Frankly I’m waiting for the Surface Pro myself. If they priced this at $300 or $350 it may have a chance. Maybe not.

  • ishallpost!

    You’re a *m*r*n STY! Nokia never had any influence with carriers to bring the Belle update. Carriers refused to bring it, they didn’t care about customers. Unlocked Nokia Symbian phones DID get the Belle update in Canada.

    Nokia with Microsoft now has much more influence with Windows Phone. The exclusive deals Nokia has signed with carriers forces them to provide more support and updates. Also the over the air update functionality in Windows Phone 8 has a feature where carriers can be bypassed for updates.

  • Tomatoes11

    If this is full HD like the Surface Pro but as thin as the Surface RT and $399 or less I might bite. That is provided the Nexus 10 is still out of stock by then.

  • kkarunan

    Lumia RT

  • Tomatoes11

    It also can’t be like HUGE and a 1000g like how they did with the Lumia 920.

  • S2556

    that’s an ugly tab imho. The top bezzels are like 3 inches big!