Mobile-friendly taxi service Uber brings ice cream delivery to downtown Toronto

Daniel Bader

July 14, 2012 11:28am

Mobile-friendly taxi service Uber, which provides on-demand limousines to your door for outrageous prices in Toronto and Vancouver (as well as other cities around the world), is cheapening things up a little with ice cream.

For now, Toronto is the only compatible Canadian city, but you can use the Android or iOS app to have an ice cream truck deliver five cones for $12 anywhere in the downtown core between 12pm and 6pm. The idea is pretty unique — who doesn’t want a Klondike bar in the middle of summer — and is certainly the cheapest service that Uber offers. You get a choice of soft serve or ice cream bars.

If you’re in Toronto you can request an ice cream truck and the driver will communicate with you about an ETA and drop-off location. Your credit card will be charged $12 for 5 bars, but you can order more if you’re having a party. You’ll get free Uber swag with each purchase, too. Other cities involved in the campaign are Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC, with more coming soon (including, we hope, Vancouver).

To check out the service, download Uber for iOS or Android and get snacking!

Source: Uber Blog
Via: The Verge

  • Eric V.

    Slow news day! FIRST!! 🙂

  • Mr. Heins

    “Ice Cream”


  • pats

    ok they need to stop with the “swag”, Not everyone is 14 year old

  • drive

    @Pats if you’re using a location based service to order your ice cream through your phone and get it delivered, then yes, you are not 14 — but you’re still a kid.

  • superman

    The fuk?