TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9790 upgrade to OS now available


  • M

    this deserves a blog post? who cares really

    • Now It Runs BB10

      I just updated and now my phone is running BB10, its really weird wtf.

      It looks really slick.

  • Screw you guys im going home

    Slow news day

  • Munir


  • T1MB1T

    Yet another phone stolen from wind!

  • roman20

    Oh Yeah! is the best.

  • Nathen

    WTF MobileSyrup LOL.

    Really ? is this NEWS? Who actually cares about this ?
    Outdated UGLY Bulky Device.


  • KC

    Good to see RIM still plans on supporting their legacy OS even after the transition to BB 10 mext year. One of things that is good about RIM is that even though they didn’t let OS 5 phones upgrade to OS 6 and OS 6 phones to OS 7, at least they have kept support going for even OS 5 phones so customers aren’t hung out to dry. I really hope to see RIM make a huge comeback next year.

    • 2dfx

      But this is where you are wrong! The 8900, 9000, and 9100 shipped with 4.6 and was updated to 5…the 9700/80 and 9300 were shipped with 5 and updated to 6.

      The upgrade tunnel isn’t that bleak.

  • mike

    hopefully this update fixes the battery draining issues and battery getting extremely hot issues other than that who cares if the update doesn’t fix it. I had this device for 3 days then I returned it for a full refund cause it sucked.

  • Britney

    Since I just got this phone, I appreciate this news. Thanks!